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Orion is warned

Orion once again looked at the writing on the wall on the girls room, he was missing something. His initial thoughts had been that this had all the marks on the crazy Malkavian elder, the taunting games and the height markers left on the bannister.

However something didn’t fit, the attack on the steward had happened in broad daylight, while Orion knew it was possible for some powerful kindred to walk for brief moments in daylight it was incredibly unusual for attacks to occur during the day. Continue reading

Slammed Door

“Maegan” Christopher called though the door for the fourth time. They had managed to get out of the house and away but the only safe place Arabella could suggest was Vincents estate.  

No sooner had the young girl been shown she’d guest room. She’d locked the door and was refusing to come out.

Christopher had no idea how much of what she’d seen she’d understood, did she know Arabella wasn’t human? He could hardly see how she couldn’t considering what she’d witness and yet the whole way to the Baron’s estate she’d mentioned nothing at all.

Continue reading

Arabella Corner’s Maegan

“Are you happy now?” Christopher hissed towards the young kindred.

“Not especially” Arabella responded.

Christopher shook his head in frustration before heading off after his young wife. Continue reading

Maegan Learn’s Too Much

Weaving through the corridors, Christopher half dragged Maegan along. He needed to get out of here and quickly.  He didn’t know who the men were but he was smart enough to guess.

Moving though Maegan’s chambers he swerved around her bed and towards the door to the servants quarters. With a little luck they could make their way down the back of the house and towards the backdoor. Continue reading

Arabella has some ‘advice’

Christopher slipped back to his room just before dark. He’d kept his room locked forbidding even the maids under the pretence of ‘presents’.

Re-locking the door he headed the bed, his heart pounding. He was not generally a man prone to guilt, certainly when it concerned women. Yet this time was different and it weighed upon him.

Peering under the bed he froze, Arabella and all clothes where gone. Continue reading

Was it his fault?

Christopher woke, stretching for a moment he felt the most relaxed he’d felt in weeks. That was until his arm hit something cold next to him.

A sudden sinking sensation quickly followed as he remembered the events of the night before and rolling over he found Arabella’s lifeless corpse in the bed next to him. Continue reading

Christopher has a visitor.

Christopher peered into Maegan’s room, it was late by the time he’d returned from his fathers estate and she was sleeping soundly.

The urge to check on her strong, he headed towards the bed. She seemed peaceful, if she had not seemed so perhaps he would have considered waking her but instead, he simply pulled the blanket’s up around her and kissed her forehead lightly before heading towards his own room.

His feelings for his wife confused him. He loved her and cared for her above all others. It had taken a while but he could now say with all confidence his feeling for her where stronger than those that lingered for Brittany. Continue reading