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Farid Gives His Humble Opinion

“Farid!!” Asha squealed running across the lounge and throwing herself into her brothers arms. While her father and step mother stood helplessly by. “I’m so glad you made it, I was so fearin you wouldn’t”

Falcon chuckled, “Your brother would not have forgiven us if we didn’t”

“But who’s looking out after the tavern?” she dared peeling herself from her brothers arms while trying to ignore the stunned look upon his face.

“Mael…. takin care of it” Farid mumbled, a strange look upon his face. She didn’t need to read his mind to know he had already read her’s. “Your…”

“Hush!” she hissed, trying to quieten him before he ruined everything.  Continue reading

Asha Doesn’t Understand

Asha missed the Tavern, she missed the people, the smells, even the work. She missed the feeling you had at the end of the day when you collapsed in a comfy chair infront of the fire knowing your worked hard and earned your supper but most of all she missed her father and brother. 

It wasn’t that she didn’t like things in the mountains with Tarik or that she wasn’t well treated. If all you wanted to do was flounce about with your life eating fine food and wearing pretty clothes it was … well perfect. Don’t get her wrong she’d enjoyed her magical study’s, but generally she found life at the castle difficult and didn’t really fit in. Continue reading

Asha Ask’s

The ceremony at the church had been a simple and quiet affair, since Asha’s run in with the church Falcon had found his faith shaken and the ceremony was to Falcon no more than a formality, to be seen as properly married in the eye’s of the people. It wasn’t that he no-longer had faith in a higher power more than he no longer had faith in the people who called themselves his priests.

Having retired back to the Tavern, the atmosphere had somewhat relaxed. While Asha and Farid sat giggling at what they considered a frightful show, their father and new mother barely leaving each other alone for a second.

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Asha’s Different

“Asha!” Enora squealed excitedly, running across the tavern and flinging her arms around her soon to be sister.

Asha stumbled backwards, giving an unsure glance to Farid and then to her father who both just stood and chuckled. Continue reading

Falcon Ask’s Directly

Falcon waited patiently in the hallway of the castle, he’d worn his finest clothing and had his speech prepared. He was going to ask simply and directly for Gabriel to allow he and Daisy to marry. He’d not had the heart to tell Daisy that his second request had been denied she’d been so confused and distraught over the first refusal so he’d decided to sort this out alone man to man.

He’d been there a short while when a guardsman came to get him leading him though a maze of corridors to Gabriel’s study.  The lord was sat behind the desk and seemed to be expecting him.

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Falcon Ask’s Again

Falcon headed inside the church, since Asha’s burning he’d not quite looked at the church in quite the same way, but he was here for a reason.  Now he knew that Asha was safe and well with Tarik he could relax and start planning his own future again.

“Father” he smiled seeing the young priest.

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A Little hope

A knock on the door, woke Falcon from his thoughts, the tavern was closed he had no heart to open it today or any day in the foreseeable future, sliding his chair across the wooden floors with a screech he moved to the door opening it to reveal a filthy Tarik.


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