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Farid Gives His Humble Opinion

“Farid!!” Asha squealed running across the lounge and throwing herself into her brothers arms. While her father and step mother stood helplessly by. “I’m so glad you made it, I was so fearin you wouldn’t”

Falcon chuckled, “Your brother would not have forgiven us if we didn’t”

“But who’s looking out after the tavern?” she dared peeling herself from her brothers arms while trying to ignore the stunned look upon his face.

“Mael…. takin care of it” Farid mumbled, a strange look upon his face. She didn’t need to read his mind to know he had already read her’s. “Your…”

“Hush!” she hissed, trying to quieten him before he ruined everything.  Continue reading


Asha says yes

Asha stood nervously in the doorway of Faulkes bedroom. The young man seemed nervous and fidgetty clearly uncomfortable with her presence. “I want to make things right” she explained, peering behind her to make sure his mother was no-where in view. “I’m sorry for tricking you, I know it doenst fix things, but I understand now the magic it muddles everything up”

“You said you lost a bag?” Faulke noted, “What did you need that for?”
Continue reading

Asha tries to find a way

The rain ran down her hair and onto her face and into her eye’s. It no long stung it had been this way for long enough that the cold had made everything numb.

Finally ahead of her she saw her goal, the farmhouse on the hill, Faulkes home and the place she had been running too. She didn’t even know if he would welcome her. She was both petrified and lost in a world of confusion. Continue reading

Maegan is bewitched

Maegan pulled her knee’s up under her chin as soon as Gabriel was finished with her. It had been different this time, less about humiliation. Somehow he seemed sure that tonight was to be ‘the’ night…Still she was grateful for the reprieve he didn’t seem to want to produce a son though pain or force and it could be said that, this night he was ‘almost’ gentle.

She watched as he pulled on his underwear and made his way towards the chamber door, skinny legs and bloated body he looked like a great frog. He didn’t normally leave her this quickly, normally he laid with her a while revelling in his own man hood… or at least in her misery.   Continue reading

Gabriel Changes His Mind

“You didn’t leave” Gabriel mused, looking towards his wife. “You had to opportunity’s to go and you chose to stay. Why?”

“I entered into our agreement willingly” the young girl replied her voice wavering slightly. “You would have re-started your attacks on the Vaux’s if I’d left”

“True” he agreed, “Very true… and just so we are clear… This doesn’t change any thing, you are still my wife and you will stay here with me?” Continue reading

Borne of Witch Craft

“Asha!” Maud exclaimed as she opened the door to the farmhouse to see the young girl standing there.

“Is Faulke home?” she asked nervously her stomach tied in knots. She should have come weeks ago but she’d always seemed to find an excuse and with the lords wedding they had indeed been plentiful.  She had finally managed to make the Lords Mistress pregnant and for now at least her job was done and least it was done until it was time to do it again for his wife.

“Yes of course he is” Maud agreed, motioning for her to enter “And what sight you are. He has been like a bear with a sore head since you had your falling out” Continue reading

Asha settles in

Asha sat patiently outside the young womans room, she felt like she had been solidly punched in the stomach and yet she knew the feeling had nothing to do with the baby which grew there.  There was something wrong about sitting outside a bed chamber as a man and woman made love, something intrusive and vulgar.

This time however it was worse… it was clear the young woman was not looking forward to her husband’s attention and while she hadn’t cried, fear had emanated from the room like a thick cloak long before the lord had ever arrived on the scene. Continue reading