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Near Miss

Hollers from the guards alerted Orrick to the sudden urgency of his predicament. Footfalls in the distance meant that within moments not only would his position and situation be known he was also very likely to be rained on by a shower of arrows on his exposed behind.

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Two Wiggling Leg’s

Thomas knocked for a last time, getting no reply and tiring of waiting he pushed the door open and stepped inside. The room was much as he would have expected of travelling noblemen. Travelling cases where stacked neatly against one wall, oddments of make-up and perfume where littered on the dressing table and the clothes Christopher had worn for the wedding lay carelessly discarded on the floor.

The gardrobe room door was closed so he sat down on the bed to wait, he could hear some faint grunting and cursing so he assumed Christopher was inside “I hope you aren’t messing up my closed stool” Thomas chuckled.  Continue reading

Foolish Old Man

While Orrick hurried up the back stair’s though the servants quarters so no-one would see him, Maegan met Thomas at the bottom of the stairs. “Uncle” she called “Uncle”

Thomas paused and turned to face her “Yes he asked smiling”

“Come and sit with me” she smiled, grabbing his hand “I haven’t seen you in an age”

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Christophers Plan’s

“Arh young love” Orrick chuckled to himself watching Abel and Persia interact, both so clearly terrified of the other. Still Thomas had put on a good spread for the pair and the politic’s of the marriage made sense.

Though for a moment Orrick regretted not having more sons, Abel would eventually be the third Hamdun to gain an estate, though admittedly Peter was in another kingdom so it hardly counted. Continue reading

Not Expected That

Holly watched, unable to take her eye’s from him. She’d expected many things from the day, she expected the uncomfortableness, she’d expected pitying gazes she even expected the explosion as Thomas found out she was staying with Valdermar.

She expected to have to explain to people that her and Valdermar where just friends, that she was helping him with his son and no-more. She’d expected people to disapprove of course. Valdermar had made many enemy’s but as soon as people saw Eadric they’d understand she knew it and they’d soon see it was innocent.

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 “Ailana…” a voice called, Ailana cringed she knew that voice anywhere and mores the point she knew that tone. Today was the first day she’d been allowed out of bed since her illness and she’d been instructed by the doctor to take it easy but have fun because tomorrow she’d be back in bed waiting for this baby that may or may not even exist.

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Flashback To Past Times

The noblemen had already begun to arrive and while Persia wasn’t due on the scene for at least another hour, Thomas and Abel had spent the morning mingling as coach load after coach load of people arrived for the proceedings. Continue reading