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Maegan Knows

The door opened slowly and Helena watched nervously to see who her visitor might be, she sorely hoped it would not be Gabriel. She could not coherently express how she felt, the past few months had felt like a nightmare, even warm and well fed could not exclude the loss and nausea she felt at all that had happened.

She sighed with relief to see her visitor was not Gabriel but his young wife instead. The dark hair girl peered nervously around the door. Things had seen quite a turnaround at the castle, Lady Hamdun was no-longer held prisoner by her husband, instead it was she who was kept under constant guard as Gabriel feared she would try to escape for a second time. Continue reading

Helena is defeated

It was the next morning before Helena was finally dragged kicking and screaming towards him. “You left them!” she hissed venomously glowering to where Gabriel sat next to his wife.

  Continue reading

Helena has reason to run.

Helena headed to the young noble woman’s bedroom, Gayle had come to her in a panic saying the young noblewoman was stick. She should probably just tell Gabriel but for some reason she felt the need to see for herself.

Reaching the landing she noted the guards from Maegan’s room where gone, grimacing she understood, the witch had seen the young woman and now Gabriel saw no need to keep her away from other men.   Continue reading

Maegan is bewitched

Maegan pulled her knee’s up under her chin as soon as Gabriel was finished with her. It had been different this time, less about humiliation. Somehow he seemed sure that tonight was to be ‘the’ night…Still she was grateful for the reprieve he didn’t seem to want to produce a son though pain or force and it could be said that, this night he was ‘almost’ gentle.

She watched as he pulled on his underwear and made his way towards the chamber door, skinny legs and bloated body he looked like a great frog. He didn’t normally leave her this quickly, normally he laid with her a while revelling in his own man hood… or at least in her misery.   Continue reading

Gabriel Changes His Mind

“You didn’t leave” Gabriel mused, looking towards his wife. “You had to opportunity’s to go and you chose to stay. Why?”

“I entered into our agreement willingly” the young girl replied her voice wavering slightly. “You would have re-started your attacks on the Vaux’s if I’d left”

“True” he agreed, “Very true… and just so we are clear… This doesn’t change any thing, you are still my wife and you will stay here with me?” Continue reading


Stumbling forward Lar’s gathered himself. Silver was not as dangerous to him in human form as it would have been in Garou. Although it stung painfully his body was still able to heal the wound. Ignoring it he span and launched a fist outward sending the doctor onto his back.

“Sophie wat you doing lass?” he asked. Turning back towards the queen who circled around the back of the couch towards the doorway dragging Maegan with her. Continue reading


The blows bounced of his hide like the stinging blows of a child with a wooden sword, but these where not children and these where not wooden swords. These where men, trained and geared for battle but all their training was for nothing against the power and might of an elder garou.

Launching out with his claw’s he lashed out at one of the men, catching his solidly the chain-mail crumbling like it was made of parchment, inner-eds and entrails leaking out onto the floor despite the man’s best efforts to stop them.  Continue reading