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Gabriel Learn’s The Truth.

Gabriel sat shaking, unable to think coherently he sat in silence in the bedchamber Daniel had granted him. 

Abel had been to one to give him the news, his brother almost smug as he told him his son was not his son after all. Even though Abel had feigned concern Gabriel knew there was no true compassion behind his brothers words, he and his youngest brother had never been close a divide in the family had always separated the youngest and eldest siblings.  Continue reading

Jaedyn Say’s Goodbye.

Jaedyn rocked back and forth with the little boy in her arms, tears rolling down her cheeks knowing it was only a matter of time before someone told Gabriel the truth. She wasn’t sure who but Ailana had heard, as had Persia who could easily tell Abel. One of them was bound to get back to Gabriel and then what would happen??! 

Continue reading

Gabriel Pry’s

Jaedyn and Gabriel sat quietly in front of the fire, it was evening time and Finian was soundly tucked up in bed. 

For the first time since she’d lived in Hamdun castle Jaedyn seemed happy and that made Gabriel content. Finian was growing into a fine young boy, things where falling into place with the crown. Daniel was beginning to learn that not all decisions where best left to him and Gabriel was spending an increasingly large amount of time acting as advisor to the young king. 

The only thorn in his side was the rockfall that blocked the pass upto Peter but Gabriel was confident that the men he’d sent to scout the area would soon return with good news pertaining to another pass, one that would hopefully restore his trade routes. Continue reading