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Negotations into Maegan’s Future Continue

Negotiations between King Henry and Orrick continued for the next hour, it became very clear that nothing Kaitlyn or Christopher had to say would make a difference, both men where very determined this was by far the best course of action.

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Maegan’s Betrothal

Henry turned to Orrick “So when exactly where you thinking of the wedding going ahead he asked?”

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Royal Plan’s

During the discussions between Henry and Orrick about the arrangement allowing Thomas’s to marry Holly rather than Raeann, it had been decided that as part of the deal that Raeann would be sent to live up at the castle as Lady in waiting to the future queen, Kaitlyn.

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It came to this

Thomas and Jasmine stayed in the lounge while the king and Tarik “discussed” very loudly the situation with Quillen. Shouts of anger could often be heard floating down the stairs from the study as the men battled it out, neither willing to give and inch.

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Pulling Rank

Thomas climbed from the carriage at the gates to the Darkfire estate, as had become the norm his appearance had yielded closed doors.  

Heading over the gatehouse the guard’s eyed him nervously looking up he called out “Can you open the gates please”.

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Tax’s Hitting Home.

The cost of creating an army to protect Grimstead had been great, and despite King Henry’s best efforts the money needed to come from somewhere, so tax’s rose. 


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New Army

With the current state of affairs in the Kingdom both The King and Alistair realised the sudden lack of troop’s Grimstead could claim.  

They had spent the last 30 years focusing on expansion and settling in their new home, raising familys and providing food, warmth and shelter. With a population smaller than most towns on the mainland, they’d considered themselves too remote for most people to take interest.

The sudden rash of bandit attacks had put that in perspective, a small group of bandits where killing there population and Grimstead suddenly realised they needed to not only deal with the current threat, but they needed to look to their kingdoms future defence. 

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