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The Death of the King

King Henry was dead and the kingdom mourned, he had been a fine king but it was time the crown passed on to someone younger.

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Thomas rode hard towards the castle; he’d got it a solution to the problems. A plan that would allow him to remain married, and would still secure the throne for future generations. It was so simple so obvious he was amazed no-one had thought of it earlier.

Climbing from his horse he ran into the castle, passed some guards who directed him to his fathers current location and towards his fathers chambers. Thomas knocked loudly on the door.

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Two choices

Thomas and Daniel headed towards their fathers study having both been summoned from the barracks, and while the younger boy looked totally confused Thomas suspected this meeting had something to do with his fathers declining health and succession of the throne.

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Yer Plot of Land

Lar’s sat in the lavishly decorated lounge, he wasn’t accustomed to surrounding’s such as these but King Henry had invited him specially and who was he to refuse royalty.

he stood, bowing clumsily as Henry entered the room, “Lar’s” Henry beamed,

Lar’s smiled uncomfortably “Yer highness”.

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Royal Storm

Kaitlyn stirred, her head pounding. Forcing her eye’s open against the glare of the sunlight streaming in though the window, panic suddenly flowed over her, not recognizing her surroundings.

Her eye’s darted around the room confused she tried to sit, her head swam, this place was familiar but she couldn’t quite place it.

Touching her hand to her head she could feel a large bump on the side, yes she fell she remembered now. Suddenly a wave a panic hit her… the children.

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By The Light of Day

Kaitlyn woke, the sun streamed though the window groaning she turned onto her back, not ready for her eye’s to meet the daylight, she kept them closed.

She’d not slept so soundly in months, hearing the bedroom door open plated footfalls hit the floor entering the room, “where have you been?” she groaned. “come back to bed”.

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Henry’s Harassed.

King Henry was having a bad day, no he was having a bad week, and word had got back to him the night before of the happenings across the estate at the barracks and of Tariks possible involvement and his sudden departure.

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