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Once We Are Wed

“Are you going to try and talk me out of it as well” Maegan asked, briefly glancing behind her as her grandmother entered the room.

“Would there be any point?” the King’s mother smiled.

“No” Maegan decided, staring out of the window, enjoying her last few days of freedom. The wedding had not yet been arranged but judging by Gabriel’s reaction he wasn’t going to let it drag on for long. He seemed quite happy to forgo the pomp and ceremony eager to have it done quickly. Undoubtedly worried she’d change her mind or that Orrick would learn of it and try and stop her. Continue reading

Danson is asked.

“Danson” The elderly woman called, chasing the young night down the corridor as fast as her legs would allow.

“You’re Majesty” Danson bowed slightly surprised to see the kings mother chasing him so. Continue reading

The Kings Mother Has Her Say.

Sophie had changed, he didn’t know what it was. Then again perhaps it wasn’t that she’d changed at all. Perhaps the only difference was the way he saw her.

She was irritable and grouchy, then again so was he. He felt betrayed and manipulated it was bad enough coming from Gabriel but now his own wife was working against him.  

At least that was how it felt… Do this.. Don’t do that… Oh no you can’t possibly…

He was fed up. Continue reading

Anya’s Comeback

Maegan and Anya sat nervously in the lounge with the other women, the atmosphere tense as most of the women in the room had stakes in the duel outside and with her aunt and Ailana clearly on Peter’s side the girls felt out numbered and out matched hoping only that the time would pass quickly and someone would come and tell them who won. 

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Thomas rode hard towards the castle; he’d got it a solution to the problems. A plan that would allow him to remain married, and would still secure the throne for future generations. It was so simple so obvious he was amazed no-one had thought of it earlier.

Climbing from his horse he ran into the castle, passed some guards who directed him to his fathers current location and towards his fathers chambers. Thomas knocked loudly on the door.

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Anything for a Quiet Life.

Henry was more disappointed than he’d ever been in his life when he got the report back from Vasyl about Lucy’s behaviour, she had disgraced him and herself with her behaviour in University, He was just glad that Vasyl still agreed to marry her.

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Taking Cattle to market.


Life was busy in the royal household; The Queen, determined to have the large family she’d always dreamed of, had given birth twice since the twins. Welcoming Lucy and Thomas to the royal household. But the queen had no intention of stopping yet and promised to keep life interesting.


There was much speculation in the kingdom as to whom the young prince would take as his wife once he returned from his imminent trip to university, Alistair had grown up into a handsome young man and had been taught well in preparation for taking over from his father some day.

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