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Thomas Meets Alistair

Thomas sat quietly listening to what he was being told. He’d been given the news of “Alistair’s Return” that morning by Holly, naturally he had to come and see for himself. He sat listening the gentleman’s story of how he was the real Alistair, his brother and he was in fact alive and well.   Continue reading

Alistair Return’s

Holly sat quietly during the service; she was so excited she was fit to burst. More excited than even her wedding day she decided, watching her husband get crowned King she couldn’t believe how proud she was at that moment. He looked so handsome all dressed up in his ceremonial garb.

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Seeing Things

The crowds had gathered, the day was finally here the day that Thomas would finally be crowned 2nd King of Grimstead, outside the castle 100’s of people milled around hoping to get a glimpse of the future king.

Meanwhile inside the Castles chapel Thomas’s close friends and family gathered another with all the noblemen of Grimstead, Even Tarik had bought his family down from the mountains to attend the celebrations.

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One Wolf too many

As Kaitlyn ducked beneath the icy water for the second time she reached out grabbing at the ice, she desperately clung on and came up gasping, and spluttering desperately trying to expel the cold water from her lungs.

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Thin Ice

Kaitlyn slept peacefully unaware as the figure climbed into the room though the bedroom window, his hands burnt though he didn’t know why, looking at the powdery residue that ate at his skin he wiping them on his tunic and turned his attention to the focus of his mission.

Alistair sat carefully on the bed; staring at his wife he softly brushed the hair off her face. Tracing the outline of her jaw with his finger he growled “why? he whispered “why have you forgotten me”.

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Waiting For Daybreak

Bellari focused her energy exploring Alistair’s body for the cause of his condition. Allowing her thoughts to become one with the ebb and flow of his life within his body.

Surprisingly life did reside within him though his body was essentially a corpse his blood buzzed with life and a will of its own, his heart no-longer pumped but the flow was of blood was strong, the power within It intoxicating to the young woman’s senses.

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Pleading for Help

Fransis was not the only person to head out of the mountains back towards Grimstead in search of Bellari. Alistair also headed towards the Hamdun estate with great haste. Things where more dire for the young man than he’d even told Tarik, as he’d discovered that morning.

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