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Danson is asked.

“Danson” The elderly woman called, chasing the young night down the corridor as fast as her legs would allow.

“You’re Majesty” Danson bowed slightly surprised to see the kings mother chasing him so. Continue reading


Danson Conclude’s

It wasn’t that he didn’t like her more that he didn’t trust her. Ailana had shown herself to have many admiral qualities and there was a great deal to like. 

For the most part he tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, she seemed as confused and lost as any fifteen year old girl he’d met.

Likewise however he could not deny that like the other Hamdun’s she had a scheming side and this was why Danson would not and could not trust his heart to such a woman.

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Ailana on a Limb

Ailana took a deep breath finding Danson in Gabriels study. The same study she’d lured Thomas into the year earlier.  This year however things were different no longer was she a foolish and naive girl following the instructions of brothers who had nothing but their own selfish interest’s at heart. This year she was an older wiser young woman putting her own interests first. 

Danson was not alone, he sat quietly talking to Daniel put seeing her enter Daniel gave her a knowing look and made his excuses before heading towards the exit. 

Even the alcohol could not temper the butterflies, terrified was not even the word for it. “Danson” she smiled. 

“Lady Ailana” he nodded, watching as she nervously took a seat at his side. 

“How are you this evening?” 

“As well as I was last time you asked” he replied.  Continue reading

Ailana is Disappointed

Ailiana couldn’t help but smile as Danson headed across the room towards her. “Lady Ailana” he nodded. 

“Marquess” she beamed back as a million tiny  butterflies skipped in her stomach. 

Her interest in the man had begun merely out of a desire to catch a husband, but as the months had past her fleeting encounter’s with him had shown him to be possibly the noblest man she’d ever met.  Continue reading

Sophie need never know

Danson entered the Kings chambers, he was still confused about the events of the night before. Not that Dawn’s motives had been confusing, once it all came out everything was clear.

The young woman wanted to avoid at all costs a wedding to a man who was cruel and in Danson’s opinion losing his grip on reality.

“You wanted me?” Daniel asked. Continue reading

Danson’s restraint is tested

He watched with interest as the young girl’s hand shook as she desperately tried to pour them both a drink from the wine pitcher, sloshing a good deal onto the table as she went.

“Sorry” she apologised her voice wavering.

He had been surprised when she had caught him in the corridor and asked him to keep her company, but his suspicion had been increased when she had insisted that the company would be better served in his own chambers.  Lady’s didn’t often go willingly into the chambers of knights without a chaperon least of all unmarried ladies or those betrothed to other men.

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Danson Protect’s The Intrests Of The Knights

Danson looked up from his table as Joseph Bendett entered his office. “Morning Joseph” he smiled “Thank you for coming”

Joseph nodded, “No problem Sir” he nodded.

“Good, Take a seat” Continue reading