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Abel and Dawn have a connection

Abel paused as he reached the door’s to the small castle chapel, spotting Lady Dawn knelt down between the pews.

The chapel was reserved for the royalty and nobility of the household and as such wasn’t well used nor was it inhabited by a priest full time mostly it was a sort of sanctuary for Abel a place to pray, gather his thoughts and beg for God to explain the deviancy’s of his mind. Continue reading


Danson’s restraint is tested

He watched with interest as the young girl’s hand shook as she desperately tried to pour them both a drink from the wine pitcher, sloshing a good deal onto the table as she went.

“Sorry” she apologised her voice wavering.

He had been surprised when she had caught him in the corridor and asked him to keep her company, but his suspicion had been increased when she had insisted that the company would be better served in his own chambers.  Lady’s didn’t often go willingly into the chambers of knights without a chaperon least of all unmarried ladies or those betrothed to other men.

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Dawn is given an escape

“Uncle” Dawn tried to smiled entering the kings chambers.

“Dawn” he smiled, standing to greet her he gave her a warm embrace as soon as she got close enough. “What are you doing here?”

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Gabriel Drag’s Dawn Away.

Dawn found herself skidding across the floor barely able to keep her feet as Gabriel dragged her to his chambers. “Please” she whimpered, “Please don’t” she didn’t know what was worse. The fear of what he was planning to do to her or the knowledge that she’d been dragged from the room while her uncle bore witness, but made no move to stop it. 

“Shut up!” Gabriel growled, “I can’t bare to hear you snivelling like a whore, have some respect”  Continue reading

Dawn The Day After

Dawn honestly didn’t know what was going on, if Gabriel had somehow changed his mind about marrying her, he certainly hadn’t shown it.

Perhaps it was simply that the Baron’s wedding was not best place to alter the arrangement with Daniel, If he had indeed had a better offer from Brianna.  Either way he’d been at her side though out the engagements and she only managed to escape when the nuptual’s where over the wedding party returned to the great hall.

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Gabriel Pushes Dawn

“So has anyone heard from Tarik recently” Valdermar asked, when the guests had gathered after dinner in the lounge. “I haven’t seen or heard wind of him since … well since Thomas’s coronation has he crawled under a rock?”

“I heard his wife took the loss of their last baby pretty hard” Maegan replied. “I think they are still dealing with that”

 “That’s what he get’s for marrying a commoner” Gabriel replied harshly, “Saying that, it seems to be a trend at the moment, when will people learn common woman are simply not built as well as noblewomen”  Continue reading

Pre-Wedding Socialising

Daniel smiled at his niece, “You’ll be fine” he assured her as she looped her hand though his arm and they made their way across the room to where Gabriel stood in the corner.  “Gabriel” he nodded watching as Dawn nervously released his arm as took Gabriels instead “I trust you’ll take care of her?” he asked assuredly. 

“Of course” Gabriel responded, looking around. “No Sophie?” 

“Both myself and your brother have been released without our caretakers for a couple of days” Daniel chuckled “im sure the women folk are glad to see the back of us, but the truth is they are both getting a little large for travelling and sleeping in strange beds”  Continue reading