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Farid Gives His Humble Opinion

“Farid!!” Asha squealed running across the lounge and throwing herself into her brothers arms. While her father and step mother stood helplessly by. “I’m so glad you made it, I was so fearin you wouldn’t”

Falcon chuckled, “Your brother would not have forgiven us if we didn’t”

“But who’s looking out after the tavern?” she dared peeling herself from her brothers arms while trying to ignore the stunned look upon his face.

“Mael…. takin care of it” Farid mumbled, a strange look upon his face. She didn’t need to read his mind to know he had already read her’s. “Your…”

“Hush!” she hissed, trying to quieten him before he ruined everything.  Continue reading


Asha tries to find a way

The rain ran down her hair and onto her face and into her eye’s. It no long stung it had been this way for long enough that the cold had made everything numb.

Finally ahead of her she saw her goal, the farmhouse on the hill, Faulkes home and the place she had been running too. She didn’t even know if he would welcome her. She was both petrified and lost in a world of confusion. Continue reading

Borne of Witch Craft

“Asha!” Maud exclaimed as she opened the door to the farmhouse to see the young girl standing there.

“Is Faulke home?” she asked nervously her stomach tied in knots. She should have come weeks ago but she’d always seemed to find an excuse and with the lords wedding they had indeed been plentiful.  She had finally managed to make the Lords Mistress pregnant and for now at least her job was done and least it was done until it was time to do it again for his wife.

“Yes of course he is” Maud agreed, motioning for her to enter “And what sight you are. He has been like a bear with a sore head since you had your falling out” Continue reading

Asha conciders making babies

Asha frowned, the light in the kitchen wasn’t ideal and with people in and out it was hard to concentrate. She had lied to Lord Hamdun. He’d asked her how progress was going with the spell that would get his new wife pregnant and she had said it was almost finished.

Time was slipping away from her but she had wanted so desperately to be allowed to come and spend Christmas with Faulke but now she was here she realised what a terrible lie it had been. Continue reading

A Little Wolf

Vincent raced towards the farmhouse using his unnatural quickness he quickly found the source of the commotion, in the back bedroom Alice had made he first full transformation into battle form out of control she was struggling to make sense of the rage that battled inside her.

Continue reading

Vincent Explain’s

Asha eye’d the young girl warily, something was most certainly not right. Yet everyone in the room acted as though they’d been expected Alice’s sudden turn.

Asha watched as Alice got progressively more fidgety and after a while it seemed as though Vincent was almost holding her still his arm’s wrapped tightly around her no longer comfortingly, becoming more protective and firm as she struggled beneath.


Continue reading

A Bad Time

Asha spent most of the day pottering around the small farmstead and the occupants seemed happy enough to let her wander freely.

Maud the older woman who’d provided breakfast was friendly enough and happy to answer any questions about the farm or people.

The only time she’d go strangely quiet was when Asha questioned her about Vincent or about Asha’s arrival.  The younger girl Alice was like wise just as friendly, chattering as young girls do about everything and anything. Likewise though all she would say about Vincent was that he’d be here at tea time. Continue reading