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Orrick thinks of a way

Orrick ducked into the small alleyway, to his rear Gadric stood protectively his sword drawn he watched out across the street. “Do you really think anyone would attack me here?” he asked doubtfully.

“Perhaps Milord, best be safe”

Nodding Orrick knocked lightly on the wooden door, it took several moments but eventually a familiar face appeared.  The hairs on the back of his neck bristling as he saw the old woman. “Lynette” he nodded grimly, “I said I would call” Continue reading

Inappropriate Thoughts

Ailana stared out of the window, painfully aware of the soldier seated meer feet away. Biting her lip she could not get the previous night out of her head. Going into the marriage she had considered love making a necisary evil of wifely duty, but now having spent two nights in the arms of her husband she found herself embarrassed and confused by the realisation that she liked it.

There was something in the intimacy of it, it was a rare thing for her to have someones attention completely. While Abel loved her often when they spoke he seemed distracted, his thought too focused on matters out side of her and outside him none bar her mother had ever truly given her completely focused attention.
Continue reading

Orrick comes to reason

Orrick rolled over sunlight was streaming through the back window and onto the bed, where Ailana still lay naked beside him.  He had to admit he had half expected to find her gone or at least dressed a pottering around in the other room and with that thought admission of guilt leaked into his mind. Continue reading

Orion Encounters Asha

“We need to get out of here” Orion growled pacing up and down the cellar. Filled with barrels of food and grains rope and other implements some of which looked potentially dangerous it was clear the werewolves where not accustomed to having prisoners and didn’t seem to understand that prisoners where likely to try and escape though force if necessary. Either that or they simply didn’t care and knew even armed the men had no hope of escape.  

Things above ground seemed quiet enough if the wolves where talking about there plans they where clever enough to do it far enough away they couldn’t be heard. Continue reading

Her Name Is Alice

Christopher jogged gently down hill into the valley, glancing over at the abandoned cart he could see the partially eaten remain’s of the horse that once pulled it, but the creatures that once made it a meal where either dead, judging by the swath of gray and rotting corpses that littered the area, or long since fled.

 The naked girl was still in his arms but he didn’t find her heavy, Maegan was not a large girl by anyone’s standards but the blond in his arms was light in comparison to his wife.

She was dainty almost frail in appearance, her tiny wrists reminded him of a child. Gadrick was right though she was pretty in a girl next door sort of way, perhaps not a great beauty but even unconscious she seemed to radiate a gentleness that made him wonder who she could ever have upset enough to attack her.  Continue reading

Christopher Arrives

Christopher paused as howl’s and barking filled the air. “This way” he whispered, turning to see Gadrick and his men following quickly behind, they’d encountered a few of the dead walkers as they’d traversed there was though the forest, their encounters had become more and more frequent and lost two men already. 

“Arh you sure about this Chris” Gadrick asked, clearly nervous.  Continue reading

Christopher Meet’s With An Old Friend

Christopher walked into the tavern, it was a working class establishment at the nice end of town. He was on the Archangel estate, the town it’s self was about the same size as Aelmead the people seem’s prosperous enough, there where the rich and the poor nothing out of the ordinary. 

Seeing his contact he slipped into the booth opposite “Gadrick” he smiled “how are you.. Im glad you got my message”  Continue reading