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Raeanne Looks for Skye

Raeanne skidded around the corner at the top of the stairs briefly pausing to catch her bearings. The Dacre manor house was large and the corridors seemed to go on forever. She had already passed a dozen panicking servants and by now it was clear that somehow all of the windows and doors had been magically sealed.

Working out where she was “Skye” she called over and over as she ran, she knew the little girl had been in playing in her room when the chaos had broken out.  Reaching the room Anya had given to the little girl she screeched to a halt.

The doll house was open and the toys where scattered but there was no sign of Skye anywhere to be seen. “Skye” she called again, panic rising. Her daughter was not prone to sensible action at a time of crisis where most children would run and hide Skye would have likely sought out the source of the commotion. Continue reading

Anya Prays

Anya clung desperately to Brenna’s hand, as she dragged the little girl though the network of secret passages and tunnel’s which lined the walls of the Dacre estate. Her husband as a paranoid creature it seemed and for once she was glad of it, even though it had been several minutes since she had been entirely sure where in the house they were.

Finding a trap door she heaved it open, a dark ladder disappeared beneath. ‘Down… did she really want to go down… down was into the basement… the basement… was underground. Was that really the place she wanted to go? She asked herself unable to remember if there was even an exit down there. Suddenly she remember Vincent’s chambers, no-where in the house would be more secure.  “Come on” she urged, tugging on Brenna’s hand as she put her first step onto the ladder.  Continue reading

Anya thinks to the future

Anya stared out of the window. It had been the longest month of her short life without Vincent. She had asked, no begged Rebekah to allow him to stay with her but it had all been in vain. She was just thankful that Rebekah had at least for now allowed her to keep her memory’s. Continue reading

Anya Starts Asking Questions

Anya woke, she’d slept well considering the circumstances. The dreams had come but this time they had been different. The Baron had still been in them but this time they had been happier.

She instinctively knew Isabel had been responsible for these as well.  She felt confused and conflicted, she didn’t understand why the creature had put the first set of dreams in her head never mind the second.

Heading out of the bedroom she found Eva in the study cleaning. “Morning Baroness Dacre” she smiled. Continue reading

Anya gets some advice

Anya managed to vomit for the third time into the closet stool, somewhere between stilted sobs. Everything was a mess… She didn’t know where to go or who to talk too. She couldn’t even tell anymore if the vomiting was pregnancy induced or the product of the fear and confusion that gripped her.

She had barely slept, she didn’t feel safe and even eating had seemed a somewhat laboured chore. Resting her head on the rim of the stool, she barely acknowledged the door to the closetroom open. Continue reading

Anya is lost

The sun had risen and the vampire’s had left Anya to her thoughts. She was exhausted and hungry but otherwise unharmed.

Wandering the house she didn’t feel like a prisoner at least not the sort kept behind lock’s and bar’s. Perhaps it was merely that the creatures knew she now had no-where to go and no-one to take care of her or perhaps they simply didn’t care. Continue reading

Bad Dreams

Anya woke for the second time screaming, sweat dripped from her but at least now she understood why. A woman had died…

Continue reading