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Orrick comes to reason

Orrick rolled over sunlight was streaming through the back window and onto the bed, where Ailana still lay naked beside him.  He had to admit he had half expected to find her gone or at least dressed a pottering around in the other room and with that thought admission of guilt leaked into his mind. Continue reading


Raeanne doesn’t want to seem feeble

Raeanne ducked back behind the bar as the younger of the two men faced off against the large man. The brute swung his first attempt missing the young man as he managed to raise his new ‘weapon’ in some sort of defence.

She had to admit there was something mildly exciting about watching the men fight, blood and sweat, men being men, but as the fight continued it became very clear the young soldier was out matched by the large man.
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Welcome to the Vaux’s

“Orrick stop” The young noblewoman wailed across the tavern as the old man plunged without a care head first into a full scale bar brawl.  Drinks and fist flying Deonte did his best to make his was toward her, for no other reason than to attempt to get her out of there. 

Deonte had of course heard rumour of Orricks love of a good fight but never in his years had he dreamt he would see it first hand.  Skirting his was around the crowd, narrowly. missing a tankard to the face he managed to reach the young woman and grabbed her hand. “Lets get you out of here” he offered.
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Orrick never changes

Deonte mulled over his ale, he’d only been in Brighten for a day. From one job to the next but that was the nature of his job. Under the radar thats what he was now, officially he was just a soldier the same as he had always been. Unofficially he was a member of Orions special unit, truthfully he wasnt even sure who knew about them.

Mostly his job was just to blend in with the other troops while he moved from posting to posting. Keeping his eyes open for anything that could be supernatural or unexplained. Then very occasionally he would be called to help Orion with something.
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Neo’s Start’s Keeping Secret’s.

Taye smiled as she watched Neo stumble in through the front door. Only 12 already he’s started working at the lake house for his uncle.   They had never pushed him into working it was something he’d chosen to do.

Heading towards her he smiled exhausted and pushed a penny into her hand. “Neo I’ve told you well enough, to keep yer money” she protested knowing full well it would do no good. Forrest said he was suborn like his mother but for every tupance he earned he gave a penny to her and when she didn’t accept it he just spent it on food for the cupboards or gifts for the younger ones.

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Orion Encounters Asha

“We need to get out of here” Orion growled pacing up and down the cellar. Filled with barrels of food and grains rope and other implements some of which looked potentially dangerous it was clear the werewolves where not accustomed to having prisoners and didn’t seem to understand that prisoners where likely to try and escape though force if necessary. Either that or they simply didn’t care and knew even armed the men had no hope of escape.  

Things above ground seemed quiet enough if the wolves where talking about there plans they where clever enough to do it far enough away they couldn’t be heard. Continue reading

Bronwyn Negotiates

Christopher laid Alice down in the back of the wagon while Gadrick bought some larger portions of the torn dress over to cover her with. 

“We need to get her to people who can help” Christopher decided, watching as Gadrick’s men scoured the tree line for hint of which direction Lar’s and Orion went, he felt oddly reassured by their lack of presence if meant neither one of them had died in the initial fight. 

Suddenly there was a crashing though the tree’s as something came hurtling down the slope, the men quickly focused their aim on the tumbling shape ready to shoot what ever it was.  Continue reading