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Luke doens’t want to leave

Luke wrestled the small baby in his arms whose tiny fingered reached upward and outward grasping for her papa’s hair. “She’s looking for something to eat again” he chuckled, glancing towards Kiena who gave him a childlike pout by way of a response.

Kiena had not really bonded with the baby, she dealt with her when she had too. She fed and changed her without complaint, but she never really held her for holdings sake.  Still it did not matter Luke supposed, Megs got plenty of attention from him. There was plenty of time for her mama to come around,  realising what a joy motherhood could be. Continue reading


Luke Inherit’s

Luke woke with a start, something was missing. The baby? Where was the baby? Panicing he struggled into a sitting position, looking around the chair and floor frightened that the little bundled had simply rolled off his chest and onto the floor. Continue reading

Something Wonderful

Luke stared in awe down at the little bundle, wrapped up in a shirt the tiny infant stared at him with as much interest as he showed her.

He had done it, mother and baby where fine.  While it had not perhaps been the cleanest of birthings he’d done it and in that instant he could not have swelled with any more pride if he’d been the baby’s father himself.

“She is amazing!” he gasped awe struck. “Kiena are you sure you don’t want to see her?”

“Put it outside” was the only response. Continue reading