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Alice Is Dead?!

Alice stared at the man stood before her, he was blonde like her and her father with the same blues eyes, dressed in a royal blue tunic and pants like her and her father he appeared to be dressed quite regally.

“Wolf?” she managed to mumble, she’d never met him in life but his presence now could only mean one thing. She was dead.

The realisation hit her like a ton of bricks, suddenly her mind raced with regrets things she hadn’t seen or done but most of all things she hadn’t said to those that meant the most to her.

“I guess i’m dead then” she finally managed to whisper. Continue reading

Alice Wakes?

Alice woke cozy and warm in her bed, it was several minutes before she ventured to open her eye’s but when she did she found herself in a place both familiar and unfamiliar.  

She immediately recognised her bedroom, her bed the walls the cupboards and her father lying in the chair next to her. Yet something about it seemed different, Somehow the colours seemed brighter the air cleaner with the faintest waft of baking bread which seemed made waking feel warm and welcoming. Continue reading

Feed the Fury

This post is supposted to run concurrently with the post “No Better High” as both scene’s are assumed to happen at the same time, there was just to much going on for it to be explained in an understandable manner in just one post.

Continue reading

No Better High

“Stay behind me” Wolf urged the King.

“I can defend myself” Thomas argued, but no sooner as he said it, he’s eye’s opened wide as a new enemy entered the cabin. Hector was over 6 ft tall, making the already huge Karogar men look small, ducking his head the beast passed the doorway, his hairy body now coated red with what seemed to be blood.  Continue reading

Hell Breaks Loose

Lar’s launched himself forward pushing himself protectively infront of Kaitlyn, “Run” he urged again but Kaitlyn didn’t understand and confused she instead stood motionless.

Suddenly The door of the cabin burst open and Wolf tumbled in though the door skidding and landing heavily at Lar’s feet “Hector” he gasped. Lar’s growled Hector was someone he didn’t fancy fighting today turning his attention back to Siren “Witch this is not a fight ye want ter be havin today” he threatened. Continue reading

So It Begin’s

Wolf, Fang and Heather had been charged with watching the clearing they’d already found one or two vampires hiding waiting in the tree’s and had dispatched them with quick efficiency.  They had only been new still not in control of their full power.  Vampires Heather suspected Siren had created especially for the occasion, singularly they posed no threat but in the heat of mass battle every one dead in advance helped.   Continue reading

I will not be silenced.

The cabin had gone uncomfortably silent; Kaitlyn looked at her feet unable to look either Alistair or Lar’s in the eye. Was that it? she wondered, was it all decided? Did the fact that she’s said she couldn’t leave her children mean that she’d not see Alistair again; she still had so many questions for him, so many things racing around her head she could not speak of in front of the others. Continue reading