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Stumbling forward Lar’s gathered himself. Silver was not as dangerous to him in human form as it would have been in Garou. Although it stung painfully his body was still able to heal the wound. Ignoring it he span and launched a fist outward sending the doctor onto his back.

“Sophie wat you doing lass?” he asked. Turning back towards the queen who circled around the back of the couch towards the doorway dragging Maegan with her. Continue reading


The blows bounced of his hide like the stinging blows of a child with a wooden sword, but these where not children and these where not wooden swords. These where men, trained and geared for battle but all their training was for nothing against the power and might of an elder garou.

Launching out with his claw’s he lashed out at one of the men, catching his solidly the chain-mail crumbling like it was made of parchment, inner-eds and entrails leaking out onto the floor despite the man’s best efforts to stop them.  Continue reading

Duncan ignores his gut

“We can’t leave her!” his mother insisted fighting against him even as he tried to hurry her into the wagon.

“What happened Lad?” Lar’s asked peering from him to the young woman they seemed to have bought with them.

“I don’t know” Duncan explained, hurriedly. “He’s got her locked up, she’s battered but she wouldn’t come”

“And the guards?” he asked indicating to the doors where guards had already begun to spill into the courtyard. While offering his hand to the young girl and helping her up onto the seat beside him. Continue reading

Duncan tries to do the right thing.

“Lad where you going?” Lars called as Duncan lumbered down the stairs the next morning. He had spent all evening tossing and turning trying to work out what if anything to say to Alice. Tristen was a scoundrel he decided, however he had also realised that made him one too.  For the first time he realised how he had behaved towards Alice was truly wrong, no wonder she was upset.

“I’m… going to find Alice” he replied sullenly.

“Not now yer ain” Lar’s decided, “Go an see yer Ma”

“Why?” he huffed. “What’s she going to tell me off for now?”

“Yer Ma’s had some bad news and it’s something you should hear” Continue reading

Lar’s feels helpless

Farid had spent several days with Alice and things in her bedroom had been mostly quiet for the duration. The young man had asked for them to be left alone  and so far Lar’s had managed to resist the urge to check up on them.

She no-longer seemingly cried out In agony and it seemed to him whatever Farid was doing with her was for the most part working.

Farid emerged every now and again getting food and water occasionally asking for an extra blanket or a book to read to her.   Continue reading

Farid lends a shoulder

Farid arrived at the cabin he’d heard Alice’s cry’s back at the inn. He didn’t understand why or how he could hear her he’d only ever had that sort of connection with his sister before. 

It was especially strange considering a bare few weeks ago he couldn’t even read Alice’s mind and he was surprised at the sudden turnaround. Still it was clear she was in pain and he wasn’t the sort of man to ignore such a cry. Continue reading

Lar’s is not reassured

Lar’s was becoming very unpopular very quickly. First he invited Vampires into the Caern and now Bastet. This time however it wasn’t the Cearn spirit that objected infact the great bear seemed quite excited to have a Bastet within it’s boundary’s. 

The other Garou however where not as impressed, as a whole the Garou did not like the Bastet. At least that was what they told themselves, Lar’s wasn’t privy to the exact details of what happened during the great war. There had been a disagreement between the Garou and the other shifting races story’s told of the general the other races unwillingness to accept the Garou as the leader’s of all Fera. The Bastet had been a particularly unwilling convert to the dominance of the wolf.   

Independent, hedonistic and fickle the cats had led the revolt fighting back and causing a conflict that had wiped several Fera races from the planet. While bringing themselves close to extinction. Suffice to say grudges still held true and none of the Garou where pleased about having a Bastet at their caern least of all Heather.  Continue reading