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Lar’s feels helpless

Farid had spent several days with Alice and things in her bedroom had been mostly quiet for the duration. The young man had asked for them to be left alone  and so far Lar’s had managed to resist the urge to check up on them.

She no-longer seemingly cried out In agony and it seemed to him whatever Farid was doing with her was for the most part working.

Farid emerged every now and again getting food and water occasionally asking for an extra blanket or a book to read to her.   Continue reading


Asha makes a move

I don’t even know what his problem is” Asha complained. “He just started rambling on about who was wearin the pants” 

‘Well ye can be kinda bossy’ her brother suggested, ‘it’s like I was sayin the other day sometimes a man likes to be allowed to feel like the man’ 

“Pah!” she huffed, “So what im supposed to act all timid just to give his ego a boost?” 

‘I ain’t sayin that’ Farid reasoned, ‘he likes yer even though your not that way… im guessin he want’s you, to be you… he just wants to know you respect his position as the man too’  Continue reading

Farid lends a shoulder

Farid arrived at the cabin he’d heard Alice’s cry’s back at the inn. He didn’t understand why or how he could hear her he’d only ever had that sort of connection with his sister before. 

It was especially strange considering a bare few weeks ago he couldn’t even read Alice’s mind and he was surprised at the sudden turnaround. Still it was clear she was in pain and he wasn’t the sort of man to ignore such a cry. Continue reading

Alice has ‘alittle’ morning sickness

Alice clawed at the bed it was like a thousand fire ants danced in her stomach while a herd of cattle ran rampage over her head.  Heather had tried to give her something for the pain but it just wouldn’t go away she couldn’t eat or sleep even breathing hurt. 

She could bare to be in the company of others, because their thoughts and feelings screamed at her and the more she tried to block them out the worse the headache got.  Continue reading

Alice makes a decison

Alice woke to find herself in her bed back at the cabin, trying to move pain shot though out her body. she only vaguely remembered what happened. She remembered shifting and attacking Ailith and she remembered getting in a few solid swing’s before the lights went out. 

Straining she noticed Farid close by asleep in the chair and as the realisation the dream had not been the entirety of the past few weeks she began to cry.  Continue reading

Alice and Ailith Stand Off

Alice cringed when Ailith came sauntering into the clearing where she’d been quietly sitting with Farid.  

New’s was beginning to travel and while most of the Garou now knew of Alice and Farids intention to wed. She was barely pregnant and if this was done quickly there would no need for anyone to even know that Farid had fathered the child before it was proper.  Continue reading

Alice and Duncan Make Peace

“Are you alright?” as voice asked as she sobbed down by the pond. She wanted to be left alone she needed time to think but the angry she felt at being disturbed was multiplied ten fold when she turned to find Duncan was the intruder. 

“Leave me alone” Alice scowled flinging a rock in his direction, not aimed well enough to hit but well enough to cause him to duck for cover. 

“Woah!” he cursed “Jesus Christ.. What has gotten into you?” Continue reading