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Helena has reason to run.

Helena headed to the young noble woman’s bedroom, Gayle had come to her in a panic saying the young noblewoman was stick. She should probably just tell Gabriel but for some reason she felt the need to see for herself.

Reaching the landing she noted the guards from Maegan’s room where gone, grimacing she understood, the witch had seen the young woman and now Gabriel saw no need to keep her away from other men.   Continue reading


Stumbling forward Lar’s gathered himself. Silver was not as dangerous to him in human form as it would have been in Garou. Although it stung painfully his body was still able to heal the wound. Ignoring it he span and launched a fist outward sending the doctor onto his back.

“Sophie wat you doing lass?” he asked. Turning back towards the queen who circled around the back of the couch towards the doorway dragging Maegan with her. Continue reading


The blows bounced of his hide like the stinging blows of a child with a wooden sword, but these where not children and these where not wooden swords. These where men, trained and geared for battle but all their training was for nothing against the power and might of an elder garou.

Launching out with his claw’s he lashed out at one of the men, catching his solidly the chain-mail crumbling like it was made of parchment, inner-eds and entrails leaking out onto the floor despite the man’s best efforts to stop them.  Continue reading

Helena Offer’s Advice

Helena peered cautiously around the door to the young womans room, a screen had been erected in front of the fire and she could see both Ailana and the Queen chattering excitedly towards it. Where the new Lady Hamdun was undoubtedly bathing.

Even Helena had been surprised at how quickly Gabriel had managed to pull together the lavish affair. It was clear the guests had been invited unknowing of what the event exactly was and everyone had seemed very surprised when his young bride had made her way down the aisle.

Continue reading

Maegan Is Scared

It’s was better here Maegan decided, a clean break a fresh start. She’d had chance to get to know her uncle and her Aunt and she’d even learnt a few things about the Hamdun family.

It was an odd thing…. She’d been raised since very small in the monastery and it was only now she realised how clueless she was.

The more she learned the more she realised the Silverhands where exactly what she thought they were but it what she was learning about the Hamdun’s that surprised her. Continue reading

Daniel tries to protect her.

“Happy Birthday Valdermar” Daniel smiled, entering the Baeumonts hall where he and Sophie where greeted.

“Thank you your highness” Valdermar nodded.

“And how beautiful you look” he decided turning to Holly who sat in her rolling chair beside him. It wasn’t a lie he had always liked Holly, he’d often admired Thomas’s bravery for marrying below his station. Pregnancy suited her it was a shame it would be her only one. “When is the baby due?” he dared, he knew most avoided the subject but he didn’t want to be most men this was a choice the couple had made and he for one chose to respect it. Continue reading

Daniel takes an unexpected path.

“Awww this is your fault!” Sophie complained suddenly standing from her needlework. “You put the idea into peoples head”

“What are you talking about now” Daniel sighed, he was fed up of being blamed for everything, even more, because most of the blame came from his wife. Continue reading