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Peter’s Usefulness

Vincent watched the scene with interest, noting how Brianna had tilted her head and clenched her teeth in anticipation. How she’d not struggled even though Peter clearly hurt her with his inexperienced feed, accepting of what ever he chose to do with her. 

Vincent found himself nervous, he wasn’t going to learn if she’d been trained this way. Even with her children just a few rooms away she didn’t fight, he wondered if she’d ever fought him in all their years of marriage. 

Just as he began to think Siren was wrong, Peter had no intention of playing with her and he was going to have to intercede before he killed her. Peter let go and woozy Brianna stumbled to her knee’s. 

‘Damn him’ Vincent cursed, noticing he hadn’t licked off the wound and the puncture wounds in her neck continued to bleed.  Continue reading

Brianna Tries and Fail’s

Brianna had spotted her husband and his visitor’s over the balcony, the distance had been too great to hear what they where saying or feel what they were feeling. 

Brianna knew that most people thought her somewhat simple. Her bravest action of the last 10 years had been retreating into the mountains with Tarik, giving her husband an ultimatum, if he wanted to be with her then he must leave the other women behind. 

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The Vampires Arrive

 Getting though the gates of the castle was easier than either Vincent or Siren had hoped, Peter’s friends where given no more a second thought then the coffin still strapped to the roof of the coach. 

Leading them in side Peter opened the door to his family’s wing of the castle. Understanding Siren paused. “Vincent where are they?” she asked.  Continue reading

Peter learns about the plan.

Peter was dragged under the arms into Siren’s chambers, with a nod of the head the young woman who’d staked him removed the offending weapon and in a fit of panic Peter struggled his feet skidding across the stonework as he tried to find them. 

“Help him up” she demanded looking unimpressed and sure enough Vincent and the girl hauled him to them. “You are in both a fortunate and unfortunate position” she began. “You still exist because we need you, however your Sire despises and if you hope to ‘live’ beyond that need, I suggest you learn quickly” 

“Needed for what?” he asked panicked. 

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Peter Explores

Peter wandered aimlessly around the castle simply getting an idea of the scope and size of the place, it was his second night of his new ‘life’ and while Vincent had not left his night on the first night, tonight he’d been permitted to explore the castle. His instruction’s simple. On no condition was he to leave the castle, feed on any of the household staff or enter the basement.

 Where was he going? The basement of course.

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Vincent Is Responsible

She struggled against the tall man, his teeth firmly sunk into her neck. For the first time she knew true fear but it didn’t last long the light faded and he threw her lifeless corpse to the floor. 

Shaking with rage as the blood coursed though his veins he turned his attention to Sophie“You know about that too.. didn’t you?” he snarled. 

“Yes” she admitted “Now can you save my brother?” 

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To the Victor

Christopher was tiring and he knew it, Peter did not seem an especially good swordsman but the last time he’d felt blow’s with such power it have been training with a superior called Orion back during his soldiering days. That man however had been built like a bear and Christopher was truly surprised by the strength Peter possessed, even though he’d inherited his fathers height nothing else about him suggested he’d come at Christopher with such force. 

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