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Ailana Moves House

“Kaitlyn what are you doing here?” Orrick smiled walking into the lounge where she sat, along with Ailana.

“I’m sorry for intruding” she replied embracing him warmly, while she let her nerves and worry momentarily subside.  She’d sent Duncan back to the cabin with the horse to tell the garou that Lar’s was missing while she had headed to Orrick’s to sort out Ailana’s future. Continue reading

Something Bad

Duncan twisted trying to get free but the two large men held him solidly in iron strong grips that showed no signs of release. “Open the door!” he demanded, glowering venomously towards his uncle “I want to see her”  He didn’t know why she was locked in, he didn’t know why his uncle had lied the only thing he knew for certain was that his sister needed him.

It was an odd thing to had a twin, they had scarcely grown up together at all but right now at this time of crisis he couldn’t have felt closer to her. Continue reading

Duncan tries to do the right thing.

“Lad where you going?” Lars called as Duncan lumbered down the stairs the next morning. He had spent all evening tossing and turning trying to work out what if anything to say to Alice. Tristen was a scoundrel he decided, however he had also realised that made him one too.  For the first time he realised how he had behaved towards Alice was truly wrong, no wonder she was upset.

“I’m… going to find Alice” he replied sullenly.

“Not now yer ain” Lar’s decided, “Go an see yer Ma”

“Why?” he huffed. “What’s she going to tell me off for now?”

“Yer Ma’s had some bad news and it’s something you should hear” Continue reading

Duncan gets a gift

“I would like to give him a small estate” Tarik explained, “Something he could run in Darkfire. Hadrien is struggling even with the help of his steward and I thought if I broke two small chunks off I could give something small to both Duncan and Quillen”

“Wont the Hamdun’s be upset?” Continue reading

Lar’s feels helpless

Farid had spent several days with Alice and things in her bedroom had been mostly quiet for the duration. The young man had asked for them to be left alone  and so far Lar’s had managed to resist the urge to check up on them.

She no-longer seemingly cried out In agony and it seemed to him whatever Farid was doing with her was for the most part working.

Farid emerged every now and again getting food and water occasionally asking for an extra blanket or a book to read to her.   Continue reading

Farid Proposes!?

Alice sat it stunned silence, her father leaning against the wall opposite while Kaitlyn clung onto her hand like her life had depended on it.

Her relationship with Kaitlyn had changed over the past few weeks the older woman suddenly taking on a more motherly role. It seemed once she’d realised her own son had not been involved in the predicament that Alice now found herself in, she’d been able to relax and provide her with a shoulder to cry and a listening ear.

Continue reading

Duncan Feel’s Hard Done By

The two teenagers sat head down looking guilty at the table where Lar’s had called them. It had just been all Lar’s could do all day to keep his wife calm and Kaitlyn paced angrily next to him.

“We’ll what have yer got ter say fer yerselves?” Lars asked.

“He started it!” Alice protested, shooting Duncan an angry glance. Continue reading