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Inappropriate Thoughts

Ailana stared out of the window, painfully aware of the soldier seated meer feet away. Biting her lip she could not get the previous night out of her head. Going into the marriage she had considered love making a necisary evil of wifely duty, but now having spent two nights in the arms of her husband she found herself embarrassed and confused by the realisation that she liked it.

There was something in the intimacy of it, it was a rare thing for her to have someones attention completely. While Abel loved her often when they spoke he seemed distracted, his thought too focused on matters out side of her and outside him none bar her mother had ever truly given her completely focused attention.
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Orrick comes to reason

Orrick rolled over sunlight was streaming through the back window and onto the bed, where Ailana still lay naked beside him.  He had to admit he had half expected to find her gone or at least dressed a pottering around in the other room and with that thought admission of guilt leaked into his mind. Continue reading

Orrick Removes Himself

Orrick lay staring at the canopy of the bed above him, Ailana had bravely nestled herself into his shoulder and her arm lay nervously over his chest. He had to admire her, she was clearly taking her role as his wife seriously and despite the fact that they both knew full well there was no love nor even attraction between them.

He knew…. What she was expecting and it was only right. He only had to see how good she was with Matilda to know like all young woman she wanted children of her own. Continue reading

Ailana is asked to leave

Ailana turned as she heard someone approch her gaze meeting Orricks as he entered the nursery where she stood playing with Matilda.  “Did you want me?… or … “ she asked nervously. Orrick had already told her it was fine to play with the baby, but still she felt a sudden guilt as yet again the feeling of being an intruder washed over her.

So much was going on, the house was buzzing, people where scared and everywhere she looked there where terrified faces.  The nursery was the one place she didn’t feel in the way and the only place where the fear did not seem to occupy.   Continue reading

Orion is found out

Orrick had just finished breakfast when his steward appeared in the dining room “There is a man here to see you” the elderly man informed him. Jasper had been Orrick steward since he’d arrived in Grimstead, the man had seen him though Lynette and Nicole and now he stood at his side though Ailana.

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Ailana talks to Brenna

Ailana smiled, it had been a strange sort of day. She had spent much of the evening in the company of the youngest Vaux and after a while had even been joined by Brenna. One of Orricks middle girls.

She’d never really been sure if she’d be a good mother, she’d never really been around many children to find out. It was a natural instinct in women she supposed and she suppose by the time she had a baby of her own she’d would have had plenty of practice with Matilda.

Matilda was a funny little thing, with tufts of hair sticking one way and the other not long enough to pleat or tie with bows. Barely two hours after they’d met and Matila lumped herself on Ailana’s lap, without thought or doubt.

Babies did not care for reputation, for rumour or tales … Matilda did not care that half the kingdom thought Ailana a dirty little harlot, she cared only that her lap was comfy and that she knew how to read from her favourite book.

Brenna however was different, she eyed Ailana with suspicion but also with interest. She was full of questions and each of those questions had been tinged with sadness and confusion. The little girl had not been cruel but it was clear her fathers remarriage really hadn’t been explained. Continue reading

Ailana finds an ally

Ailana wandered around the upstairs of the house, truthfully she felt at a loose end. The house was buzzing with activity the incident in the girls room had sent everyone into a frenzy.

Heading past the babies room she heard a sorrowful wail, the source of while was clearly the youngest Vaux. Pushing the door open she could see the little girl struggling in her cot. It seemed her doll had fallen to the floor and while she made every effort to reach it her little fingers could not quite grasp it.

Pausing Ailana watched momentarily, before peering around the room looking for the little girls nanny, realizing she was alone she took a tentative into the room. Noticing the little girl stopped crying and pointed at her doll clearly expressing what she wanted. Continue reading