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Orrick demands reason

“Good Morning Orrick” Valdermar smirked as the nobleman led is new ‘wife’ into the dining room for breakfast. Ailana seemed quiet, demur and somewhat nervous … as he supposed most young women felt on the morning after their wedding. “How was the room?” he asked, “Or more importantly how was the wife?”

“Val!” Holly exclaimed.

“What?!” her husband chuckled, “He should consider himself blessed we didn’t all pile into his room at the crack of dawn to make sure everything was as it should be” Continue reading

Holly invites the party

“What in blazes are they doing back here?” Valdermar fumed as he watched Orrick getting out of the coach that had just pulled up outside his home. “Your father is determined to get me killed!”

“Actually” Holly replied cautiously. “I may have invited them”


“Oh Val!” she exclaimed, “You can’t expect that girl to spend her first night as a married woman in a dingy tavern”  Continue reading

Ailana has a suprise

“Oh look at you” Raeanne exclaimed, seeing Anya for the first time. The bump of her stomach now clearly visible beneath her gown.

“You should not have come” Orrick warned sternly, “Not in your condition”

“Father I’m not an invalid” Anya smiled “Women have babies all the time”

“My daughters don’t” he chuckled moving to embrace her “Where is Vincent?”

“He’s away” she replied “But he offer’s you his best wishes. How are you Ailana?” the young woman asked finally turning to speak to her.  Continue reading

Abel has some ‘good’ news

Persia stood at the edge of the room, she could see her husband working. Was that even what it was called, they had been given an estate in desperate need of help. She knew it worried her husband greatly, it was all he could do to keep their head above water. She blamed Daniel of course, most knights would not have been given estates so large and most kings would not hand off their problems on another man.

Life with her husband was full of up’s and downs. For a few months around Christmas he had seemed happy for a time but since January his mood had once again slipped and he returned to the moody man he had once been.

Mostly these days he ignored her treating her while a mild neglect while he lavished attention and love upon their son. Sometimes she couldn’t help be feel a little jealous, of the baby. She loved her son of course but couldn’t help but wish he cared for her the way he did for their child. Continue reading

Abel Conceed’s

The argument was already well under way when Ailana was woken by the noise of it. Raised voices echoing though the wall’s the heavy stone of the castle seeming to do little to smother the sound.

Gabriel and Maegan had been married for well over a month and until now her brother had paid his bride little attention save to lock her in a company less room for the duration of her marriage, preferring instead it seemed to spend his evenings with his mistress instead. Continue reading

Simply a Sty

Neo stood nervously in the hall of the lords house. It wasn’t what he’d expected, it was still clear even here that the house was in dire needs of repair the faint smell of burned wood still lingering in the air.

“The lord will see you now” the steward smiled grimly. It has been an effort even getting the lord to see him, at first the steward had tried to dismiss him out of hand. A child with a grand scheme nothing worth bothering the lord about. It wasn’t until he had shown him the merchants slip had the old man conceded to allowing him in. Neo’s pigs where on the way and now he just needed somewhere to keep them. Continue reading

Lorcan is Damned

“You will understand one day” Abel sighed, looking over at the young man who had already made himself quite at home on the nobleman’s bed. “It’s not easy being married having expectations, demands”

“Im sure it isn’t” the young man agreed.

Abel shuffled uncomfortably, speaking of expectations he watched as Lorcan removed his shirt. He kept telling himself each time was the last and yet each time the younger man appeared on his doorstep he knew it wasn’t. Still it was a mere matter of day’s before the nobleman went off to university and then it would be over….. Continue reading