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Maegan Knows

The door opened slowly and Helena watched nervously to see who her visitor might be, she sorely hoped it would not be Gabriel. She could not coherently express how she felt, the past few months had felt like a nightmare, even warm and well fed could not exclude the loss and nausea she felt at all that had happened.

She sighed with relief to see her visitor was not Gabriel but his young wife instead. The dark hair girl peered nervously around the door. Things had seen quite a turnaround at the castle, Lady Hamdun was no-longer held prisoner by her husband, instead it was she who was kept under constant guard as Gabriel feared she would try to escape for a second time. Continue reading


Helena is defeated

It was the next morning before Helena was finally dragged kicking and screaming towards him. “You left them!” she hissed venomously glowering to where Gabriel sat next to his wife.

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Helena knows

Helena woke with a start, the air felt heavy and outside she could hear the rain that had barely let up all day. They hadn’t moved since the night before, she couldn’t risk taking Amanda out in weather like this.

Amanda, her thoughts suddenly darted to her middle child.  The instant she woke she knew something was wrong.
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Helena doubts

“Mam im cold” Edith complained, her teeth chattering. They where all cold, but it wasn’t Edith or even herself Helena worried for. Cursing herself she struggled to get the wet clothing off her middle daughter Amanda.

She had been sick before they had even left the castle, a wailing sort of cough that lingered rattling the young girls chest. Back at the castle just had been mildly worried about it, but now the young girl had a fever and the last place she needed to be was huddled in a barn soaking wet.

She had thought she been doing the right thing in running, but half way to no where having spent several uncomfortable nights she was no longer sure. Everything had happened so fast, she could still smell the death. No-one seemed sure what had gone on, some said wolves, another a bear…  some prattled insanely about a monster.
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Helena has reason to run.

Helena headed to the young noble woman’s bedroom, Gayle had come to her in a panic saying the young noblewoman was stick. She should probably just tell Gabriel but for some reason she felt the need to see for herself.

Reaching the landing she noted the guards from Maegan’s room where gone, grimacing she understood, the witch had seen the young woman and now Gabriel saw no need to keep her away from other men.   Continue reading

Helena Ask’s Some Prying Questions

Helena inspected the wounds, she knew that a doctor had seen her that it wasn’t her job to care. However she could not help to feel protective over the young girl who was scarely older than one of her own. The young girl was not hurt badly on the surface but the fire in her eye’s she’d had when she’d arrived at the castle a couple of months ago was gone. She seemed beaten defeated scarcly even making eye contact.

She felt an overwhelming sense of guilt and pity, Gabriel had never beaten her during her time with him, but the young girl was another matter mostly he’d simply ignored her and for a while she’d thought it was for the best, but now watching as the bruises glowed she knew if this girls life was going to improve she was going to have to force Gabriel to see her worth. Continue reading

Helena Offer’s Advice

Helena peered cautiously around the door to the young womans room, a screen had been erected in front of the fire and she could see both Ailana and the Queen chattering excitedly towards it. Where the new Lady Hamdun was undoubtedly bathing.

Even Helena had been surprised at how quickly Gabriel had managed to pull together the lavish affair. It was clear the guests had been invited unknowing of what the event exactly was and everyone had seemed very surprised when his young bride had made her way down the aisle.

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