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Orrick thinks of a way

Orrick ducked into the small alleyway, to his rear Gadric stood protectively his sword drawn he watched out across the street. “Do you really think anyone would attack me here?” he asked doubtfully.

“Perhaps Milord, best be safe”

Nodding Orrick knocked lightly on the wooden door, it took several moments but eventually a familiar face appeared.  The hairs on the back of his neck bristling as he saw the old woman. “Lynette” he nodded grimly, “I said I would call” Continue reading


Bailey Asks for Help

“Oh Bailey not again!” Lynette gasped opening the door to find her son standing in the rain with a young girl likewise soaked.

“Ma, it ain’t like that!” the young man protested, “Please ma they need your help”

“They?” she queried, peering around.  Continue reading

Bailey finds something unexpected

Bailey scanned the dim barn, dim morning light filtering though the wooden panels to leave a crisscross of light and shade upon the ground. “Is anyone there?” he asked nervously hearing a sound somewhere in the hayloft. 

Circling around he picked up the yard brush to defend himself. There was definitely someone here with him and sadly no he did not believe it in his good fortune for that person to be his brother.
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Helena knows

Helena woke with a start, the air felt heavy and outside she could hear the rain that had barely let up all day. They hadn’t moved since the night before, she couldn’t risk taking Amanda out in weather like this.

Amanda, her thoughts suddenly darted to her middle child.  The instant she woke she knew something was wrong.
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Gabriel Makes His Bed

“What does this mean for me?” Helena dared to ask. The house had been in quite a buzz since the news of Gabriel’s somewhat shock betrothal.

“It doesn’t change anything” he soothed, kissing her neck and running his hand down her side and onto her waist. “You’ll stay… Maegan is a convenience, you understand. I need her here but it won’t change my feeling for you”

“Will you move me?” she asked, “into the village” Continue reading

Helena deal’s with the children

Helena’s head reeled he’d gone quite mad. He stood looking at her as though the whole thing made the most perfect sense. Bought and paid for he intended for her to stay.

“Gabriel …. I…. this its utter madness… what would people think?”

“Who cares what they think?”

“I… this is all too much” she mumbled “I need to think” Continue reading

Helena is Outnumbered.

Helena’s initial reaction at seeing her daughter entering the hut, had been one of relief but that quickly faded as she watched her daughters guest enter behind her.

She hadn’t slept in two days since Stephan’s death, her heart was broken and not even the worry about money, seemed to over-ride the grief as it seemed to with the boys. Continue reading