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Alice is Warned

Alice stirred, it had not been a fight. In a fight she might have landed a blow it had barely more than a massacre. She didn’t remember much beyond lunging towards the fury but judging by the pain she felt she’d been torn to pieces.

“You’ll live” Heather offered “You damn fool girl, what where you thinking?”

“Any news on my pa?” Alice ventured ignoring the scolding, heaving herself up into a sitting postion in the bed.  Continue reading

Lars on the spiral

Alice squeezed Tristen’s hand tightly as they breached the circle of the camp fire, all eye’s watching her she knew she’d been summoned because something was wrong. She had heard Duncan arriving on the wagon shouting and causing a fuss. She had tried to go out to him but Heather had stopped her saying she would find out what was wrong.

“What’s going on?” she dared asked, looking around the circle everyone was here.. well almost everyone, only Kaitlyn and her father where missing. Spotting Duncan in the crowd a sudden panic over whelmed her. Duncan had left with her father … if he was back and her father was not? What did that mean?

“Lar’s is missing” Bronwyn informed her. Her swollen belly now heavily pregnant with a child that was almost due any day now.  Continue reading

Lar’s feels helpless

Farid had spent several days with Alice and things in her bedroom had been mostly quiet for the duration. The young man had asked for them to be left alone  and so far Lar’s had managed to resist the urge to check up on them.

She no-longer seemingly cried out In agony and it seemed to him whatever Farid was doing with her was for the most part working.

Farid emerged every now and again getting food and water occasionally asking for an extra blanket or a book to read to her.   Continue reading

Lar’s is not reassured

Lar’s was becoming very unpopular very quickly. First he invited Vampires into the Caern and now Bastet. This time however it wasn’t the Cearn spirit that objected infact the great bear seemed quite excited to have a Bastet within it’s boundary’s. 

The other Garou however where not as impressed, as a whole the Garou did not like the Bastet. At least that was what they told themselves, Lar’s wasn’t privy to the exact details of what happened during the great war. There had been a disagreement between the Garou and the other shifting races story’s told of the general the other races unwillingness to accept the Garou as the leader’s of all Fera. The Bastet had been a particularly unwilling convert to the dominance of the wolf.   

Independent, hedonistic and fickle the cats had led the revolt fighting back and causing a conflict that had wiped several Fera races from the planet. While bringing themselves close to extinction. Suffice to say grudges still held true and none of the Garou where pleased about having a Bastet at their caern least of all Heather.  Continue reading

Heather Suggests the Unthinkable.

“I ner though they’d be words I’d hear outta your mouth” Lar’s scowled as the older wolf made the suggestion. 

“I agree” Heather nodded, “I never thought it would be a suggestion I’d be making either”  Continue reading

Alice Admit’s Something

“Alice, are you alright?” Heather asked wandering over to the pond where Alice had been sitting throwing rocks for the last hour.

Alice nodded, “I’m fine” she replied without even looking up, instead throwing another rock with a splash.   Continue reading

Kaitlyn Talks To The Bear

Traveling into the spirit world was somewhat like being pulled face first slowly through a vat of thick rice pudding, Kaitlyn found the sensation suffocating and was left gasping when she reached the other side. “Calm down Kaitlyn” Heather soothed, as she floundered and fell to her knee’s “Your safe try and breath deeply”

“What happened?” Kaitlyn gasped.

“It’s normal” Heather replied, “It takes some getting used to thats all”

“I have no intention of getting used to anything” Kaitlyn scowled angrily, truly shaken by the experience.  Gathering herself together she finally managed to look around. Continue reading