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Lars on the spiral

Alice squeezed Tristen’s hand tightly as they breached the circle of the camp fire, all eye’s watching her she knew she’d been summoned because something was wrong. She had heard Duncan arriving on the wagon shouting and causing a fuss. She had tried to go out to him but Heather had stopped her saying she would find out what was wrong.

“What’s going on?” she dared asked, looking around the circle everyone was here.. well almost everyone, only Kaitlyn and her father where missing. Spotting Duncan in the crowd a sudden panic over whelmed her. Duncan had left with her father … if he was back and her father was not? What did that mean?

“Lar’s is missing” Bronwyn informed her. Her swollen belly now heavily pregnant with a child that was almost due any day now.  Continue reading


Duncan Regret’s A Few Things.

Duncan had just left the cabin to head to the pond when the thundering noise of an angry Garou stopped him dead in his tracks.

Eye’s widening his gaze fell on the silver white shape as it headed in his direction.

Shifted Duncan still couldn’t tell the Garou apart. Sometimes he could tell the tribal differences Fury’s for example he’d learnt from Ailith where always black. While Silverfangs where mostly white or silver gray … but when it came right down to it … shifted Duncan could not tell apart, Heather from Bronwyn or Bronwyn from Alice. 

Right now all he could tell was the figure heading in his direction was undoubtedly  one of those three women… silver gray marked it as silverfang  and he’d just left Lar’s inside the cabin.

Laying bets … he was betting Alice. Continue reading

Duncan Ask’s The Wrong Question

Alice smiled, she couldn’t help it. She knew she should still be mad with him but the anger simply melted away.

“You split up with her?” she asked. “Is that what you were arguing about?”

Duncan nodded, “Pretty much” he agreed “So will you be my girl?” Continue reading

Duncan Thinks Her a Bitter Old Woman

“She’s nothing more than a bitter old woman” Duncan protested as he paced up and down the kitchen, “She’s so determined to be miserable she thinks everyone else should be too” 

“Now im sure that’s not true” Bronwyn tried to sooth from her more comfortable position next to Ailith at the table. “Your mothers been though a lot”  Continue reading

Bronwyn Speaks For Duncan

“Why don’t we go and talk somewhere a little more private” Bronwyn cut in, “I’m sure things can be cleared up if we can sit down and talk” 

Heather nodded, “Good Idea, I believe we have other items on the agenda” 

“Come on” Bronwyn smiled to Kaitlyn “Let’s go inside, we’ll have a talk and then Duncan can join us when we’ve straightened things out”

Kaitlyn nodded, at least willing to talk. Truthfully she was a little fed up of Bronwyn’s interference but the looks Duncan gave her convinced to at least listen to what she had to say.

  Continue reading

Duncan Tries To Explain

Heather smiled, clearly please with the idea. “Duncan, are you happy with this arrangement?”

Duncan remained silent, panicked he looked from his mother to Ailith and back again, he was in so much trouble he couldn’t even being to describe. He and his mother had talked about his future, unlike his sister Maegan there had yet been no arrangement for his betrothal though there had been several offer’s.

Thomas had hoped an arrangement could be made between he and Tarik for an arrangement for Duncan to marry Danica, but the often tenuous relationship between the kingdoms had meant that nothing formal had ever been arranged.

While as far as he understood it, being described as a mated pair in the Garou world didn’t necessarily involve a permanent arrangement and that his joining with Ailith now didn’t mean he couldn’t marry later, he knew his mother simply would not understand. Continue reading

Duncan’s World Shatters

Everyone gathered around the fire as the moot began, much to Duncan’s surprise Vincent had been allowed to participate, no-one least of all the garou were sure why. After the attack Ailiths mothers pack had made on him when he arrived, Bronwyn had reminded them forcefully that there where rules. Wether they liked it or not Lar’s had instructed the vampire to be left alone and until he resinded that instruction they where to keep their claws well and truly sheathed.

The Fury had not been amused and had tried to protest that Lars was unfit to lead, to which Bronwyn reminded her that one of the law’s of the litany, the rules they held so sacred was that a leader could not be opposed during times of war and until they had a better idea of what they faced the garou where considering themselves at war. 

It hadn’t gone down well and privately he’d heard Bronwyn ask Heather how long she thought they could hide behind the litany before they too had to accept that Lar’s was unable to lead them.  Continue reading