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Tarik is told no entry

The coach rolled down the hill towards Lars’ cabin, the journey to Grimstead was no longer an easy one since Daniel had closed the main pass and while Tarik had plans to re-open the main route it would have to wait till the weather was more favourable.  For now there was still a way though the valley’s but it now took much longer and was far less easy to travel so it they intended to make it on time for Asha’s wedding they needed to make haste.

They where still an hour out from Lars cabin when a dark haired girl carrying a drawn bow stepped out of the under growth putting herself in the way of the route ahead. Tarik recognised her as one of Lars’ garou but he could not quite place a name. Continue reading

Tarik is invited

“I have news” Tarik beamed heading into the drawing room where his family were eating. It had been a hard few months, he had steadily gaining strength but he was still not the man he once was.

He still tired easily, the smallest tasks drained him of his energy, but he had finally managed to start taking over the management of the kingdom in full. It was only really now he had the time to contemplate all he had done.

Guilt of what he had put his family though still weighed heavily on his mind, he had done terrible things and while his son often tried to reassure him it had been the fault of his tutor or the creature that had inhabited him. Tarik could not help but wonder how much of what he’d done had in truth been him and only him.
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Duncan gets a gift

“I would like to give him a small estate” Tarik explained, “Something he could run in Darkfire. Hadrien is struggling even with the help of his steward and I thought if I broke two small chunks off I could give something small to both Duncan and Quillen”

“Wont the Hamdun’s be upset?” Continue reading