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Orion is warned

Orion once again looked at the writing on the wall on the girls room, he was missing something. His initial thoughts had been that this had all the marks on the crazy Malkavian elder, the taunting games and the height markers left on the bannister.

However something didn’t fit, the attack on the steward had happened in broad daylight, while Orion knew it was possible for some powerful kindred to walk for brief moments in daylight it was incredibly unusual for attacks to occur during the day. Continue reading

Orrick comes to reason

Orrick rolled over sunlight was streaming through the back window and onto the bed, where Ailana still lay naked beside him.  He had to admit he had half expected to find her gone or at least dressed a pottering around in the other room and with that thought admission of guilt leaked into his mind. Continue reading

Orrick is visited by an unsettling feeling

Orrick looked out over the balcony, it wasn’t that he couldn’t have bedded the girl, It was merely that he didn’t want too. She was pretty enough, beautiful even. The truth was any man who said she wasn’t was lying to himself… but here in this house it felt wrong. He had built this house for Nicole, every beam and brick had been chosen for her and every room bore her mark.

Still the young girl he had left back in her chambers was not the only one to have a responsibility to their vows. He had pinned her down so tightly in a marriage contract that afforded her no room for maneuverer, if she did not provide him with children on his death she would get nothing.

So… with that said the least he could do was give the girl chance to fulfil her side of the bargain.  He would go back to her shortly he knew he would, he would do his share of the task at hand and even he knew he  would enjoy it once it got going.  Part of him enjoyed having her around, having someone to lie in his arms but the guilt of that enjoyment would overshadowed the pleasure itself.

“Damn you are an old fool” he declared to the blackness that seeped into the hallway though the narrow windows across the hall.  Continue reading

Ailana is asked to leave

Ailana turned as she heard someone approch her gaze meeting Orricks as he entered the nursery where she stood playing with Matilda.  “Did you want me?… or … “ she asked nervously. Orrick had already told her it was fine to play with the baby, but still she felt a sudden guilt as yet again the feeling of being an intruder washed over her.

So much was going on, the house was buzzing, people where scared and everywhere she looked there where terrified faces.  The nursery was the one place she didn’t feel in the way and the only place where the fear did not seem to occupy.   Continue reading

Orion over steps the mark

“Did you get it” Anya asked nervously as she stood at the doorway to Brenna’s bedroom. In side the large solider barely looked up from where he was examining the paintwork.

“No” he replied, without looking up from his study “Nor am I in any mind too. I’m not sure what your thinkin of Milady but it can come to no good that im sure”

“But I offered to pay you” she protested, “Enough money that you can buy your self a house, live a free life”
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Orion is found out

Orrick had just finished breakfast when his steward appeared in the dining room “There is a man here to see you” the elderly man informed him. Jasper had been Orrick steward since he’d arrived in Grimstead, the man had seen him though Lynette and Nicole and now he stood at his side though Ailana.

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Raeanne refuses to give up

Orion clearly had not been expecting to find her at his door. Glancing briefly at the blade in his hand, he settled it against the wall before opening the door more fully.

“Expecting trouble?” she asked, her throat suddenly dry. Why was she doing this to herself? Why oh why was she here? Had she not embarrassed herself enough for this man? Had he not already made it clear she was not what he was looking for.

“Yer never know” he replied, matter of factly “At least not after a night like tonight”
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