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Emily meets in secret

“You came” Emily squealed, dashing across the courtyard and tumbling without ceremony into the arms of the man she had very much longed to see. The only person who truly understood her.

“Of course I came” he smiled, “I would go anywhere for you”

“Even to the moon?” she begged, scarcely able to contain how much it meant that he had come all the way to the Dacre estate for her. Continue reading

Let Sleeping Dog’s Lie

“Go on” Anya urged, “Show me how my brother kissed you?”

Maegan shook her hear fearfully not at all comfortable with the situation she was quickly finding herself in.  Anya gave Meagan’s hand a squeeze “Come on Silly… it won’t hurt” Continue reading

Silly Goose

Maegan ran the bush though her hair, for the final time before laying it back down on the counter. Standing up she straightened her dress and looked at herself in the mirror.


Today she wore a deep blue velvet dress, much like her red one.. Christopher had told her to wear blue. At least she thought he had, he’d mentioned blue dresses so she assumed that was what he liked. He’d also told her to wear her hair down and so today that’s exactly what she had done.  Determined to prove that she could be exactly the sort of wife he needed. Continue reading

Three’s a crowd

Lysander hopped down from the wagon and looked upon the house, it was pretty much what he expected a medium sized affair with stone walls and a large courtyard, helping his mother down he fidgeted nervously as the nerves he kept suppressed crept in.

He wasn’t good with girls, or people for that matter he wasn’t a boy’s boy rough and tumble quiet mannered he mostly avoided the company of others.

Continue reading