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Orrick demands reason

“Good Morning Orrick” Valdermar smirked as the nobleman led is new ‘wife’ into the dining room for breakfast. Ailana seemed quiet, demur and somewhat nervous … as he supposed most young women felt on the morning after their wedding. “How was the room?” he asked, “Or more importantly how was the wife?”

“Val!” Holly exclaimed.

“What?!” her husband chuckled, “He should consider himself blessed we didn’t all pile into his room at the crack of dawn to make sure everything was as it should be” Continue reading

Holly invites the party

“What in blazes are they doing back here?” Valdermar fumed as he watched Orrick getting out of the coach that had just pulled up outside his home. “Your father is determined to get me killed!”

“Actually” Holly replied cautiously. “I may have invited them”


“Oh Val!” she exclaimed, “You can’t expect that girl to spend her first night as a married woman in a dingy tavern”  Continue reading

Orrick defends Ailana

The women had retired to bed and an uncomfortable silence had fallen over the Baeumonts lounge. Orrick knew he was a risk to Valdermar and that clearly made the young noblemen nervous, but it was more than that, honestly he’d never had much time for the younger man.

Valdermar had always seemed like a spoiled brat to him, a man who had a tantrum every time something didn’t go his way. However despite his own personal misgivings he’d given his word to Holly that once she was gone he would help him cope.

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Raeanne admits to Ailana

“Lord Vaux, I mean Orrick what are you trying to do to me?” Valdermar asked, the fear in his voice suddenly evident, his gaze not even for a moment lifting from Ailana. While by his side Lady Baeumont sat in her wheeled chair, her huge swollen belly evidence of the baby that was by now due very soon.

“We where trying to pass though your estate without being noticed” Orrick chuckled, dabbing his swollen lip with the sleeve of his shirt.  Continue reading

Valdermar’s New Wife

“What is this all about?” Valdermar asked looking towards his wife across the dinner table. He wasn’t sure what was going on but he knew her well enough to know she was plotting.

She had been almost obsessive about trying to find him a wife and now both Orrick and Sir Bendett had refused to consider him as an option for their daughters she had begun to look further a field.  Continue reading

Holly’s Arrangements

“So what do you make of all this?” Sir Bendett asked, when the two men where finally left alone after dinner.

Valdermar sighed, settling down on the sofa next to the knight. What could he make of it? His wife was seeking her replacement and while he understood the logic he could not in all good conscious tell the knight his daughter would be well taken care of. It wasn’t that he planned to do wrong by the girl, more simply that he could not bear the thought of another wife.  “Holly isn’t easy to dissuade once she gets something into her head”

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Valdermar Promises

Valdermar sat in the corner his face as stern as thunder he wasn’t happy with the dinner arrangements, he wasn’t happy at all.  While things had gotten significantly better for them since his father’s money arrives it had certainly seemingly relieved some of the financial stress the fact remained that Holly was now down to her final weeks.

“Oh Val… please at least try to be nice” Holly begged.

“I’ll be nice” he grumbled “I just don’t see why you feel the need to do this”

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