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Orrick thinks of a way

Orrick ducked into the small alleyway, to his rear Gadric stood protectively his sword drawn he watched out across the street. “Do you really think anyone would attack me here?” he asked doubtfully.

“Perhaps Milord, best be safe”

Nodding Orrick knocked lightly on the wooden door, it took several moments but eventually a familiar face appeared.  The hairs on the back of his neck bristling as he saw the old woman. “Lynette” he nodded grimly, “I said I would call” Continue reading

Orrick is visited by an unsettling feeling

Orrick looked out over the balcony, it wasn’t that he couldn’t have bedded the girl, It was merely that he didn’t want too. She was pretty enough, beautiful even. The truth was any man who said she wasn’t was lying to himself… but here in this house it felt wrong. He had built this house for Nicole, every beam and brick had been chosen for her and every room bore her mark.

Still the young girl he had left back in her chambers was not the only one to have a responsibility to their vows. He had pinned her down so tightly in a marriage contract that afforded her no room for maneuverer, if she did not provide him with children on his death she would get nothing.

So… with that said the least he could do was give the girl chance to fulfil her side of the bargain.  He would go back to her shortly he knew he would, he would do his share of the task at hand and even he knew he  would enjoy it once it got going.  Part of him enjoyed having her around, having someone to lie in his arms but the guilt of that enjoyment would overshadowed the pleasure itself.

“Damn you are an old fool” he declared to the blackness that seeped into the hallway though the narrow windows across the hall.  Continue reading

Bailey Asks for Help

“Oh Bailey not again!” Lynette gasped opening the door to find her son standing in the rain with a young girl likewise soaked.

“Ma, it ain’t like that!” the young man protested, “Please ma they need your help”

“They?” she queried, peering around.  Continue reading

Orrick ‘Reason’s’ With Anya

Even though she’s been half expecting it Anya’s heart sank when she headed down the stairs to see her father sitting into Lynette’s lounge. “Anya! What on earth where you thinking?” He demanded, Anya couldn’t speak, her eye’s welling up with tears she couldn’t even begin to explain. “Well young lady!?” 

“Orrick calm down” Lynette urged. 

“Don’t you tell me how to talk to my daughter” he retorted storming over and grabbing Anya roughly by the arm and dragging her into the room fully and towards the couch. “Well young lady would you like to explain yourself?”  Continue reading

Lynette Talks To Bailey

“Oh Bailey” Lynette sighed as she entered the kitchen to where her son had already helped himself to a bowl of broth. “It was one thing when you bought stray animals home, but really a noble girl is abit much even for you too handle” 

“Aww ma this isn’t like a dog” Bailey protested “She really needs our help” 

“I don’t doubt she needs help” Lynette sighed, “but it’s not our to give and you are out of your league on this one” 

“Don’t give me a hard time” he begged.  Continue reading

The Runaways Visit Lynette

She was cold wet and her feet hurt, they had been walking for most of the day when they finally arrived in Bailey’s mothers village and if Anya was truly honest with her self she was fed up of running away.  She longed to be back at home with her cat, in front of a roaring fire with a belly full of food.

Lynettes house was in the middleclass area of town, in the built up area near the market square. Anya had grown up a mere few miles away and although she’d always known her father still kept his ex-wife to some degree, she was considered independent and fending for herself but when the tax’s slid or rent was due he often turned a blind eye. Continue reading

One of Ye Litter

Raeann headed back towards the wagon where her mother sat waiting “What happened?” Lynette asked wrapping her arms around Raeann’s shoulders pulling her head onto her shoulder.

“He hates me” Raeann sobbed.

Continue reading