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Valdermar’s New Wife

“What is this all about?” Valdermar asked looking towards his wife across the dinner table. He wasn’t sure what was going on but he knew her well enough to know she was plotting.

She had been almost obsessive about trying to find him a wife and now both Orrick and Sir Bendett had refused to consider him as an option for their daughters she had begun to look further a field.  Continue reading

Anya Finds Skye

It wasn’t long before Anya found herself alone with Isabel trundling along in a coach. The small red haired child gleefully giggling and pointing to houses as they travelled along.

She didn’t quite know why she’d been bought; between Raeanne who was beyond consolation at the absence of her daughter and Maegan who was feeling hurt an angry she certainly felt there was more than enough for her to do at home. Besides what good would she been against the inquisition? Surely Allard or Arabella or even Christopher would be a better companion on this journey.

She’d asked Allard what possible help she could be and the older man had merely told her to trust in Isabel’s judgement. ‘Isabel’ had a way of knowing things mortal’s did not he had said. Continue reading

Little Girl Lost

“We found her in the Village” the young man replied, “I wouldn’t normally bother you with something like this but judging by her clothes. We thought you best placed to tell us, who she was?”

Valdermar stood from the chair where he’d been sitting with Eadric and Holly reading them a story about castles and brave nights before bedtime

Heading over the young girl stared at him wild eyed and terrified. Continue reading

Lorcan enjoy’s to torment

Hannah found herself facing her nemesis.  Eadric in her arms wrapped in a towel and still wet from his bath.  Side stepping she tried to get past but grinning like a idiot Lorcan side stepped to block her.

He loved to torment her, she decided.

He was in fact the most vile boy she had ever met and while he was home he made her life a living hell and she could do nothing about it bar count down the days till he went to university.   Continue reading

Eadric decides cake is better.

Eadric stared in awe watching as his mama’s belly writhed, he couldn’t help it why mama’s and papa’s thought belly’s where good places for keeping baby’s he had no idea. As far as he was concerned belly’s where only good for cake.

Tentatively he crawled over the bed to where his mama was reading her book, she hasn’t seemed to notice that the baby was wriggling.

Continue reading

Holly Contemplates The Future

“Hannah.. Hannah” Holly yelled, toward the house from the garden where she was sitting with Eadric “Hannah get him … quick” And sure enough Hannah came rushing into view. 

“Whats the matter?” Hannah asked concerned.  Continue reading

Kiss da Beatie

 “Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollll”  The little voice wailed “Upsy Holl, Uspy!”

Holly chuckled, it was the same thing every morning, Eadric no long called for Hannah or even his father, always for her. Continue reading