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Pleading for Help

Fransis was not the only person to head out of the mountains back towards Grimstead in search of Bellari. Alistair also headed towards the Hamdun estate with great haste. Things where more dire for the young man than he’d even told Tarik, as he’d discovered that morning.

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Practical Jokes


Watching the young boy fall into a heap on the floor, Kaiden looked in shock and horror. Running to the boy’s side he found him already dead.



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My Wifes Pixie Dust

While Dorothy rode towards the mountains as fast as she could, Bellari dodged the burning buildings of the village and made her way today’s Kaiden’s house, along with her son Farid.

She’d bought Farid along, with his gift for getting into peoples head he was often useful for judging peoples reactions, and with the news she had for Kaiden that gift would surely come in handy.

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