Lorcan settles down

Izzy was becoming a regular companion as Locans side, to the outside world they had been on several dates however they hadnt really seemed like dates, casual with very little pressure they had dined and talked like friends.

Occassionally she had a tendacy to be perhaps alittle to prying but he liked her she didnt expect anything. Many girls by now would be expecting courtship perhaps at least an attempt at a stolen kiss while prying eyes were truned but Izzy genuinly seemd to hold little interest in such things.

That wasn’t to say she held their relationship as purely plutonic she seems to find great joy in holding tightly to his arm in the company of other girls as thought she where laying claim on him, letting them know that he was hers.

He was her’s…… he pondered the thought for a moment, he hadnt really concidered it a relationship… yet oddly he wondered if this was indeed what there freindship had become.

Abel had often described the torture of marriage, Lorcan chucked to himself, he lover was always so dramatic.  Men such as he needed to beware lest their deviant nature be known, truthfully however Lorcan had made peace with his nature.

He’d accepted he was not like other men, in way Abel could. It wasn’t always easy and there were times he feared for his soul, considered the fate that awaited him at the gates of heaven. However he had also made the choice to live for now. Not live in fear of a judgement, which may never come.

While he accepted a wife and children would at somepoint be required to keep his secret hidden, it wasnt untill now that he’d concidered the who. There where he decided worse options than Izzy, she didnt seem to expect much from him and her company was pleseant. Granted she was no noblewoman, but what could a pennyless noble expect, surely the father of a wellbread woman would not concider him.

There it was a desision made, he would court the youg woman, take her as his…

“What are you thinking” Izzy asked suddenly breaking his train of thought, it was one of the rare occasions they had been left alone. A clash in classes had ment her brother had been unable to accompany thier outting and while many young men would have seen the oppertunity for mischief, that sort of thing had not even entered Lorcans head for the briefest instant. He had taken her back to Grimstead house where they had sat enjoying each others company for the past few hours.

“That would be telling” he decided, not wishing to scare the young woman off with talk of marriage so soon after thier courtship had begun.

“Oh but now I simply have to know” Izzy grinned. “Was it about me?”

“The ego of you!” he scoffed, with a laugh “Only a woman could think a mans thoughts are always for her”

“If they are not of me, then I do fear I am failing terribly as a distraction” she giggled back, her hands reaching for his waist.

“Get off” he prostested at a pitch far higher than he would have liked, as she began to tickle. Grabbing her hands he pushed her back, so she could no longer reach him.

“Spoil sport” she pouted playfully, struggling against him, occasionally managing to get a hand back to his waist, but largly failing to get near against his stronger grasp.

“Really?” he grinned, Turning the tables on her as it was her turn to wriggle under the grasp of his tickling fingers.

“I give, I give she squeeled as he tickled, before finally he gave her breath.

“Ladies should not give whst they are not prepared the recieve” he decided, noting that during thier tussle he had managed to pin her to the sofa his body largely on top of hers, almost certainly in a manner her brother would not approve. Getting up he dusted himself off before offering her a hand to stand.

“Forever the gentleman” she smiled giggled, accepting his help.

“I try”

“But not with every girl?” she noted, her face suddenly serious.

An unsettling feeling washed over him, thier was that look again. The one she used when she was trying to get a measure of him. He suddenly felt as though the answer to that question held a great meaning. “Some girls arn’t worth treating like ladies” he replied unsure if the response would satisfy her.

“But I am?”

“Yes of course” he agreed.

“Lorcan do you like me?” She asked simply and yet directly.

“Yes.. I like you a great deal”

“Yet you have never tried to kiss me?”

“Your brother….” he stammered, suddenly fluxed.

“Isnt here….”

“Yes I know but he wouldnt like for me to take advantage”

“I wont tell” she returned.

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