Orrick finds comfort with Aliana

Orrick lay on the bed in Aliana’s chambers,  lying on his side with the young woman curled up naked turned away from him but nuzzled delicately into his chest. His heart still beating quickly from the excitement of what had just occurred between them.

He could not imagine a more opposite woman to Nicole. Aliana was quiet where Nicole had been loud, timid when Nicole had been outspoken and demur when Nicole could be as easily crass as he.

Even in appearance she was everything Nicole had not been,  even when they had first met Nicoles body bore the signs of both Childbirth and a rough upbringing.  Aliana was in many ways perfect, he marveled as his hand traced her delicate curves and tried to think back to Lynette, had she ever been this unspoiled? No he was certain that even Lynette who had been for a long time, the woman up against he held all others in terms of physical beauty had never been this exquisite.  This was not to say he found Alilana more beautiful than Nicole, no of course not.. however could that be possible? Still in terms of physical perfection Aliana was a rare beauty… either that or his eye’s where merely getting so old that she seemed that way.

He gazed upon the young girl. She seemed as relaxed as he had ever seen her.. chuckling to himself if was at least pleased with that. He had been unintentionally rough with the young woman the night before and so this evening he had endeavored to make the experience more pleasing to the young girls sensibility’s.  “Was that more to your liking?” he dared ask.

The young girl shifted, suddenly tensing partially covering her face, to hide what he could only guess was a smile. “Yes it was most agreeable” she replied, a timid response which just made him smile. Now either he was getting vain in his old age or she had found that more than agreeable. The signs had all been there, she had pushed herself onto him quite forcefully towards the end and while she had not made a sound there had been a little shudder that he was reasonable confident meant that she had climaxed. Most likely the first in her lifetime… and while her partners had been limited there was some pride to be taken in that.

He had not dared hope when he’d agreed to marry the girl that their bedroom encounters would be anything more than uncomfortable, however if he was truthful she was making it easy to enjoy. She needed schooling that was apparent, but what else could he expect with one as young as she but the fact that she seemed able to enjoy it was a good sign.

Reminding himself that he was an old man and more importantly why he was here “You’ll be expecting in no time.. no doubt” he mused.

“Yes im sure of it” she agreed, moving her hand to her belly the thought seeming pleasing.

“You look forward to it?” he asked.

“I want nothing more” she nodded, another pleasing reply. At least this had been her own decision, he had not forced her to his bed nor would he force her to carry his child.

“Children are hard work” he reminded her “Especially with Matilda still being so young”

“I’ll manage” she insisted.

Rolling onto his back, things returning to normality as conversation left him. It was still early in the evening but he could no-longer think of anything to say to her. He supposed he could talk more of children, ask her if she wanted a boy of a girl … but would the response be honest? Or most likely that she would respond a son, thinking it would please him… They could talk of names or hair colour, but it all seemed so unimportant. Besides he suspected she was already putting herself under pressure to conceive more talk would only add to the stress of it.

“Have you decided what to do with those two young girls?” she asked suddenly “The two from my brother’s house?”

“Ill send them upto Tarik” he replied, “He’s a good man, has a reputation for taking in waifs and strays besides it seems they have family up there so I think it’s for the best”

“Won’t Tarik get into trouble?”

“I doubt it, I’m not sure what’s going on there … for a man with very little apparent power he seems to keep Daniel in line well though. These certainly won’t be the last refugees Tariks taken in without reprisal”

“Gabriel says he’s a menace.. a law unto himself”

Orrick chuckled “I suppose he is… but damn I like the man, he has balls….. I mean courage” he correcting realizing Aliana didn’t understand the first reference.  “Follows his conscious and damn if the world doesn’t lack those”

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