Raeanne Looks for Skye

Raeanne skidded around the corner at the top of the stairs briefly pausing to catch her bearings. The Dacre manor house was large and the corridors seemed to go on forever. She had already passed a dozen panicking servants and by now it was clear that somehow all of the windows and doors had been magically sealed.

Working out where she was “Skye” she called over and over as she ran, she knew the little girl had been in playing in her room when the chaos had broken out.  Reaching the room Anya had given to the little girl she screeched to a halt.

The doll house was open and the toys where scattered but there was no sign of Skye anywhere to be seen. “Skye” she called again, panic rising. Her daughter was not prone to sensible action at a time of crisis where most children would run and hide Skye would have likely sought out the source of the commotion.

With panic and desperation taking her she dashed into the room tipping over furnisher and flinging open the doors of the wardrobes. “Skye” she screamed.

Suddenly another cry pierced the air suddenly remembering her youngest sister Raeanne headed back onto the landing and towards the source of the sound. Reaching the nursery the door was open,  Matila bouncing frantically in her cot wailing loudly.

Rushing towards her she suddenly stopped dead, the corner of the room painted red. Blood splattered up the walls the nanny dead upon the floor her innards spilt upon the floor. Borking as the smell and shock hit her. She had seen the dead before but never like that, her body so badly mutilated the young woman was barely recognisable, unable to contain the second wave of nausea she fell to her knees and vomited.

Pulling herself together she dragged herself up stumbling almost incoherently towards the cot. “Hush” she soothed picking up the eager baby, who wailed and sobbed without truly understanding what was going on.

Heading back out in the corridor she called for her daughter again, panic making it difficult to think straight enough to consider where the small girl may have gone.  This wasn’t like back in Fraymont, she didn’t know why it seemed worse perhaps it was because they were trapped and nobody knew they were in danger.

Making her way down to the ground floor she met Emily at the bottom of the stairs. “What’s happening?” her sister asked, looking pale.

“Have you seen Skye?” She begged, her own question burning so brightly she couldn’t even think to answer Emily’s.

“No” Emily shook her head.

“Where have you been?”

“Outside… I was walking”

“You found a door that open’s?” she demanded.

“What… yes.. of course… why wouldn’t it?” Emily asked.

“Quickly show me”

Nodding the young girl turned towards the rear of the house and a few minutes later they stood at the servant’s door to the yard.

“She wasn’t there last time I came” Emily whimpered as she looked down at where a young girl lay dead not much older than herself.

“Don’t worry about that now” Raeanne insisted, “When you get outside I want you to take Matilda and run, run as fast as you can to the village and get help. Do you understand?”

The young girl nodded as she passed Matilda into her arms, the baby wailed and cried having long since learned that Emily often meant pain.  The teenager wouldn’t hurt her this time, Raeanne knew now was not the time for petty jealousy it was the time for rallying together.

Reaching out she touched the handle to open the door, searing blinding pain suddenly ran though her body, so intense she couldn’t even recognise from where it came.  Pulling back she reeled, somewhere in the foggy distance of her mind she heard a scream.

Her vision blurred she shook her head trying to free herself from the grip of confusion, clawing out she realised then she was on her knees. “Anna…. Anna”  she heard her sister call as something tugged at her shoulder.

Looking up her vision, clearing she could see the panicked look on her sisters face.

“No-one leaves” a voice called out, drawing her gaze towards the sound. At the doorway she recognised the blonde form of her sisters Ladies Maid, Ava, Eva… what was her name?

“Help me” she begged her head swimming.

“I will help you” the girl promised and that was when she saw it the silver blade in the young maids hand.

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