Tarik is told no entry

The coach rolled down the hill towards Lars’ cabin, the journey to Grimstead was no longer an easy one since Daniel had closed the main pass and while Tarik had plans to re-open the main route it would have to wait till the weather was more favourable.  For now there was still a way though the valley’s but it now took much longer and was far less easy to travel so it they intended to make it on time for Asha’s wedding they needed to make haste.

They where still an hour out from Lars cabin when a dark haired girl carrying a drawn bow stepped out of the under growth putting herself in the way of the route ahead. Tarik recognised her as one of Lars’ garou but he could not quite place a name.

At first he left his driver to deal with her but after several moments of exchanged words she did not move and so he stuck his head out of the window.  “Is there a problem?” he asked calmly, “We are friends of Lars’ we have come to see him”

“I know who you are mage!” she hissed her voice steady but venomous. “Your no longer welcome here”

He flinched looking back towards his wife he was relived that she either didn’t seem to hear or didn’t seem to recognise the reference. Quillen’s face however evidenced that he understood it clearly.

“Very well” he called back “Then let Lars’ tell me that himself”.

“Lars no longer leads here”

“Pardon?” he asked with confusion, beginning to open the door and starting to climb out.

“Halt!” she ordered “Or I’ll shoot you where you stand”

He froze, not really with fear more with bewilderment the last time he had visited the cabin he and his family had been welcomed with opened arms. “Then tell me what has happened here surely I have a right to know what has happened?”

“Lars is gone” the young girl replied, coolly “The traitor has been revealed and we no longer deal with the likes of you”

“Traitor?” he asked with confusion, “What is that he has done? Lars’ has always been an honourable man”

“You wouldn’t understand” she replied.

“Ailith what’s going on?!” Quillen begged suddenly appearing next to his father.  Tarik looked towards him, he was growing into a find man. He was not perhaps the most heroic, bravest or courageous but he had a sensitivity about him and sense of responsibility that his friend Duncan lacked. He would make fine king one day, Tarik knew he was a good choice. Perhaps he was not his son by blood but he couldn’t have loved him more if he were.

“Quillen take your family away from here” Ailith instructed, “Out of respect for the friendship we once had, I shan’t kill your father right now”

“What do you mean right now!” the young man gasped “What do you mean friendship we once had? We are still friends aren’t we?”

“No, things are not the same as they once where, please leave I wouldn’t want things to get ugly”

“Ugly! What has happened… I don’t understand?”

“The elders no-longer want us dealing with outsider… especially mages or kindred” Ailith reasoned. “Lars’ fell from the path, corrupted by his deals with men like your father”

“You can’t seriously believe my father had something to do with this? Where is Lars’… what does he think?”

“Lars’ no longer exists in this world”

“He’s dead?” Tarik interrupted not quite understanding.

“No the wyrm took him” Ailith replied.

“Then where’s Duncan!?” the young boy demanded “And Alice?”

“They are at the cabin”

“Does Duncan at least still intend to come and take the estate my father offered?”

“I don’t know” she replied, “That’s his choice but I hope he makes the right one”

“You mean he won’t be welcome back here either if he does?” Tarik guessed. The young girl didn’t reply but her face showed that she agreed with his estimation.

“Are they at least going to Faulkes wedding? Do they even know he is getting married?” Quillen demanded.

“They know” Ailith reasoned, “Whether or not they go is their decision, but considering the circumstances I wouldn’t consider it wise”

“What do you mean?”

“Lars’ was a traitor, the elders are watching Alice and Duncan for sign’s they are likewise tainted, I don’t imagine going to a mages wedding with sit to favourably”

“This is insane! We are your friends!”

“Garou do not need mages as friends, now out of respect for you I ask you to leave”

“And if we don’t?”

“I’ll kill you”  she replied cooley.

“It would take more than a little girl like you, to kill us” Tarik replied, not underestimating the power of the garou but likewise understanding that though he didn’t use it magic still flowed within him.

“I am not alone” she replied simply and suddenly he became aware of the other Garou hiding in the tree’s.

One response to “Tarik is told no entry

  1. Holy crap. Things have gotten bad.

    And I kind of want to shake the garou — all of the garou. Something BAD is obviously coming to Grimstead, and instead of hiding in their little cabins and shutting the world out, they should be banding together with the good mages and the not-as-evil-as-they-could-be vampires. (Although I would say that Vincent is a good vampire …) But no. They have to stick to tradition, now that Lars is off in wyrm-land, and I’m sure that’s going to bite them in the ass sooner or later.

    In the short time, I just hope that Tarik can get to Asha’s wedding. You’ve got to have some joy amidst all the pain.

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