Lorcan gains an alibi

“Your father must be a wealthy man to send you to university?” Lorcan ventured. Izzys company at dinner was pleasant enough and he’d been pleasantly surprised at how well they had gotten along.

As to all young men, women where a mystery…  however for Lorcan they had never especially been a mystery he’d wanted to unravel. Izzy however had been a pleasant surprise, she was not so different he decided, she could happily converse on most subjects and he found her both educated and exceptionally bright.

“He is wealthy enough” she smiled back at him across the dinner table, “Not A nobleman like yourself, but an educated man who means to do well by me”

“A merchant?”

“A scribe… its why I was able to read before I could even tie my own shoes” she grinned, “He owns his own house… So I suppose he’s doing well enough”

“and there is just you and your brother or do you have other siblings at home?”

“An older brother but thats all, what about you lord Beaumont?”

“Im not a lord” he replied ” I am nothing more than the pennyless second son of a nobleman, heir to nothing more than the clothes on my back”

“I thought I heard your friend… call you..”

“Joseph would like people to think im a lord” Lorcan replied trying to get a measure of how she was taking the news. He knew half the female interest he got was because they thought he was the heir to an estate, but she didn’t seem bothered she only smiled. “The truth is my brother is bankrupting the estate sending me here, every week I half expect a letter from him saying he can no-longer afford the tuition and I need to come home”

“Well I shouldnt worry” she smiled, “My father would say every adversity is simply an opportunity in disguise. This way you get to earn your own way in the world and surely that makes a better man in the end?”

“Are you always so positive?” he asked.

“Most of the time” she giggled, Looking at him in a way that made him feel deeply uncomfortable. It was like she was trying to get the measure of him, staring right into his soul as though somewhere in his eyes lay the answer to all her questions. “So what will happen to you when you go back?”

“Well hopefully i’ll be Knight, Ill work for the king… probably live at the barracks a while at least until I earn my way into a house somewhere”

“Are you betrothed to a girl back home?”

“No” he chuckled, “I dare say im not worthy of an political or financial arrangement”

“Would your brother mind if you bought a wife home when you returned”

“He’d be pleased if I was” he decided feeling uncomfortable, he’d known for a while Valdermar hoped that such a thing would happen, but honestly Locan had never given it more then a passing thought. “You ask alot of questions, I you trying to find measure if im worth a second dinner?” he smiled glancing sidewards towards her brother who had unexpectedly accompanied them. The boy didnt say a word as he hadn’t though the entire meal he simply shot back an unwelcome glare.

“Don’t mind him ” she giggled “My father told him, I wasnt to me left alone with boys of unsavoury intentions thats all”

“Well thats alright then” he smiled “I have no unsavoury intentions” and it was at that moment he wondered if befriending Izzy was such a bad thing. She was funny, pleasant and they had gotten along well enough. Truth be told it had been a refreshing change from Joseph with whome conversations rarely steared from the chasing woman. In addition if her brother was forced to accompany them on every date there was no risk to him of being pressured into an unwelcome situation. Indeed who could blame him for not bedding a girl when her brother watched her every move?

“I would like to see you again” she grinned, “would you like to see me?”


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