Orion over steps the mark

“Did you get it” Anya asked nervously as she stood at the doorway to Brenna’s bedroom. In side the large solider barely looked up from where he was examining the paintwork.

“No” he replied, without looking up from his study “Nor am I in any mind too. I’m not sure what your thinkin of Milady but it can come to no good that im sure”

“But I offered to pay you” she protested, “Enough money that you can buy your self a house, live a free life”

“Aye I know you did”

“The why wont you help? I would have thought you of all people would help her?”

“Because milady it aint right to go against Gods willin. I love her surin I do, she’s my cousin and it makes me sad what she’s done to her self, but Holly made a choice and not the only person fit to save her is the good lord himself”

“But we could do it so easily” she protested, not understand why he would help her. This was his cousin his own flesh and blood and he knew as well as she did that a few drops of kindred blood could turn a tragedy into a celebration.” You admit yourself there are still fledglings running around Brightden and Graymont”

“I see yer even starting to talk like him now, fledglings is that what they call em?”

She nodded, “Yes that what they call kindred who havent got control of themselves yet… but that not the point there are still dozens of them around”

“Aye that there are” he nodded, finally turning away from the wall to face her “but surely you understand that we cant just round them up as prisoners, milk them like cattle. What if I did get you one, what if it got free and what if it killed ya dead? Do you think your baron would forgive me that kindness?”

“He would understand you only did what I asked of you”

The large man laughed as he clearly did not agree with her statement. “Well its a good job, I don’t take commands from you ”

“Actually you do, I bought your indenturement this morning” She explained suddenly regretting the words as the man face turned sour.

“And my girls?” he growled his tone low as he struggled to keep his temper.

“All except the eldest, Lord Baeumont thought you would want her to say on in his household, but if you want her I can go back and renegotiate”

“Got it all figured out, haven’t you milady. Its a shame though… you own me, fine that true enough but there are two world here, in this one I’m your to command. But in this one….. ” he said tapping his hand on the wall where the words had been written, “In this one your out of your depth ”

“I own you in both” she dared, “My husband is more powerful that you”

“Is he?” he smiled, “I’d like to wager a fight with him when this is all over… See whats what…. but till then I promised a truce”

“A truce, is that all this is for you?” She asked for the first time concidering that Orions change of heart was not so much about him finding peace with supernaturals, but more that he now realised there where perhaps bigger and more dangerous enemies. “After all you’ve seen and done cant you see that there is goodness in him?”

“I accept that he’s different to others i’ve met” he agreed “But I’ve seem to many ‘nice’ vampires kill whole villages to truely think there is ever a good one”

“What do you mean by that?” she scowled.

“He’s got his scent all over you but thats your choice. I don’t doubt you entered the arrangement willingly but lets not pretend your mind is any longer wholey your own”

“Why would you say that?” she gasped.

Orion shook his head “Vampires can’t have children” he replied simply, “An you ain’t far enough along fer it to have happened before him”

“This… this…” she gasped “Is none of your concern. How dare you assume he manipulated me… this.. I… ” she stammered unable to think of an argument that would convince the large man of anything else.

“Aye Milady your right, it’s none of my concern” he nodded in agreement.

Anya took a step backwards, hardly able to contain her hurt and outrage. She had not expected such a response from the man. She had seen him deal with the baron on a number of occasions, their dealing had always seemed pleasant, perhaps alittle strained but she had not expected the disgust and revulsion he clearly held for her. “You find our relationship un-natural?”

“I try not to think about it” the large man decided, “but it aint right, that im sure…Still what were talking about here is Holly, she aint made that choice. She will die an go to heaven like the good soul that she is,  I for one won’t stand by and let you steal that right from her”

“I for one would welcome someone stealing death from me” she retorted.

“I aint talking about death ” he reasoned “You can delay it thats all… No im talking about heaven. You taint her in that way and she’s going down not up… You made that choice fer yourself but you aint making it for her”

“The baron believes that God will judge you on the actions you take and not the blood in your veins”

“Well you better tell that to me sword” Orion chuckled, “Blessed weapon never lies… Why don’t you touch it see how forgiving it is?”

“Fine I get the point!” she huffed, “I’ll do this without you”

“Lady Dacre, let me warn you simply… You touch my cousin and we’ll no longer be friends and I ain’t an enemy you want”

Stunned Anya nodded weakly as she backed out of the door.

“Lady Dacre” he called just as she crossed the threshhold out into the hall.


“Has the vampire child been here?”

“Isabel? No I don’t think so why?”

“The marks on the bannister, someone small but with incredible strength hauled the steward up. Any reason why she would want to hurt your family?”

“None that I can think of” she replied weakly, “Then again, even Vincent would tell you she isn’t much one for needing a reason to create mayhem”

“So this is like her?”

“Yes im afraid it is” She agreed.

One response to “Orion over steps the mark

  1. Isabel? Isabel is doing this? I’d ask why, but as Anya pointed out, the little sociopath doesn’t necessarily need a “why” …

    As for Holly … *sigh* I guess it was worth a hope, and we’ll see if Anya goes through with it. I guess I’m just reserving judgment on the whole thing, since I think both characters have good points in the context of their world and their religious beliefs.

    But at least Orion is out from under Valdermar’s thumb, and therefore Gabriel’s! That has to be a good thing, right?

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