Lorcan meets a girl

Lorcan kept his head down and pretended to study, quill in hand he had tried to write this letter a hundred times. It was not so easy to write a letter in which you told a man you where sorry but also told him you loved him. A letter which expressed the true depth of his emotion on the matter and yet would not reveal too much if that letter fell into the wrong hands.

He wanted Abel to know that he wasnt forgotten, that in the madness of university he hadnt given up on them being together on his return. Perhaps he was indeed a dreamer but he had thought up countless plans as to how they could manage it.

The sound of giggling broke him from his thoughts looking up his heart sank, standing at the other side of the hallway was the girl he’d spent the evening with the week before and judging by the stares of her friends she was not talking about his prowess.

The truth was he and not found it so easy to fit in after all, a few shots of brandy and he’d found it easy enough to find a willing girl. However after alittle more brandy and some sweet talk, she had still been willing but his body had not.

He’d blamed it on the drink but the truth was undressed she had held even less appeal to him that than she had clothed, soft curves and smooth skin had done nothing for him and he’d found himself yearning for Abels solid frame and muscular torso.

The result of his error had however cost him, the girl he had picked it seemed was not discrete and by now half the campus knew his failure. Luckily for him Joseph seemed to find the whole thing hilarious more than shameful but he knew he needed to rectify the situation quickly before an amusing lapse became suspicion.

“Ignore them” a friendly voice insisted and peering around he found his gaze falling of a blond girl he recognized. He wasn’t sure of her name but he remembered her clearly because she always kept the company of an older boy. 

“Where is your companion?” he asked not seeing the boy anywhere around.

“Elstan you mean?”

“The boy who is always with you… Is he your betrothed?”

“No ” she giggled taking a seat, he was just about to get annoyed at her forwardness when he realised that her presence had stopped the giggling across the hall.

She was pretty in a girlish sort of way, her blond hair loosely tied in a way could not prevent loose curls escaping and revealing her natural waves. Her eyes a bright a blue as he could ever remeber seeing, he looked her up and down as though to get a better grasp of this thing that had sat uninvited at his table.

“Then who is he?” he asked, unable to fathom her background from a mear glance.

“My brother”she smiled, “My father feared I would get into trouble, if he takes his eyes off me for a second”

“And do you get into trouble without him?” he dared.

“I hope not” she grinned, Holding out a hand, “im Izzy… at least thats what everyone calls me”

Taking it uncomfortably he shook it, he wasnt quite sure you where supposed to shake the hands of women as though they where men, but neither did it seem appropriate to kiss it. “Can I do something for you?” he asked, wondering why she’d even come over never mind why she’d sat down. She wasnt like the usual girls who came fluttering around his table, all eyelashes and giggling.

“You just looked like you needed a friend, you seemed to be struggling with something” she smiled, reaching across the table to his writing so quickly he barely had chance to stop her. He snatched out but she had already retrieved his letter and made haste to read it.

“Thats private!” he hissed outraged by the impertinence of the girl.

“Sorry” she appologised quickly returning the letter to him before she’d had time to read too much. “My father says im too inquisitive”

“I could think of a few words for you” He grumbled muttering softly.

“I didnt mean to offend you” she replied softly “Is the letter for your sweetheart? it looked like letter for someone special”

“It was.. erm….”

“It doesnt matter” she smiled, “You dont have to tell me”

Noticing the girls at the back of the room where still watching he frowned, “Do you know them” he asked.

“Who?” she asked spinning on her seat, he cringed as she could not have been more obvious. “Oh those girls, yes I suppose I know them. At least we have a couple of classes together…. but they arnt friends, my father would not approve of my befriending girls such as those” her tone exaggerated, “Then again I suppose you know better than any what sort of girls they are?” she giggled.

“You know about that hu?” he grumbled, “Then I suppose your father would not want you associating with a boy such as me?”

“Are you asking me out?”

No… I mean I wasnt…” he muttered the thought having never crossed his mind not even for the briefest instant.

“Well I accept” she grinned, back at him apparently oblivious to the fact that he’d said no. “You can pick me up, in time for the dinner bell…”

“But I wasn’t…” he stammered before realising that it was terribly rude to let her down after she had so clearly made a mistake. “I’ll see you then” he sighed. 


One response to “Lorcan meets a girl

  1. Made a mistake? I think not. I think “Izzy” knew darn well what she was doing.

    Now my question is … is she interested in Lorcan … or has someone on the mainland already come up with the concept of a beard about 1000 years ahead of schedule.

    … Well, maybe it’s just that the name would be 1000 years ahead of schedule.

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