Duncan is told what Tristen wants.

Duncan sent a rock skittering across the clearing bouncing off a tree and into the bushes with a rustle. He still hadnt managed to tell Alice about Tristen, at first he had not felt it was the right time with Lars missing and Ailths mother seizing control of the sept.

Honestly it had seemed such a petty thing and she had enough to deal with, but now as the days rolled on. Duncan had begun to doubt if keeping his mouth shut had been the right thing to do.
“Yer fer burning hole in thee head wit yer stare”  a stilted voice he recognized  declared, turning he saw Janis entering his vision. He wore only undergarments for it was all Heather had managed to convince the metis to have bound into his shifting form.

It took him a moment to understand what he meant, but then he nodded, “Your blind how do you know what I was watching? ” he asked.

“Blind of eyes, but not of mind” the metis explained, “I hear Alice talkin, you facing that way wit yer rock thrown, ait so hard to figure”

“He’s cheating on her you know? He pretends to support and love her but its all an act”

“Aye fer cheatin, an more than ter young fury… he entertains a fair few beds, im sure”

“Do you think I should tell Heather? perhaps she’ll have him kicked from the sept”

Janis chuckled entering the clearing more fully, his laugh thick and gravelly, “She one of the beds he sharing”

“What?” he asked in horror the thought shocking, while the garou mother did not look it, everyone knew she was at least old enough to be Lars mother.

The garou chuckled again, “Aint no love in it, she have him like a stud… for mating you get?”

Duncan nodded, he understood that mating was important to the garou, their numbers dwindling it made sense the garou women with out mates would find other options.  “There are other women using him?”

“Aye fer sure”


“Nar she all fer Malcome, he her own stud” Janis grinned, “aside, Tristen aint good enough pure enough fer a filly like her”

“Does he know?” Duncan dared, suddenly interested in weather or not the young man knew he was being used like a pedigree stallion

“Aye he aint a dolt” Janis chuckled, “he ain fer caring neither…  bettin as long as he gets his way”

“Then why is he with Alice? does he love her?”

“Im doubtin ” Janis agreed, “She bein somethin he needs, hes kin wit big ideas… an he like we all do, see’s Lars in her”

“I dont understand”

“Kin aint leading no sept… She thou, she silverfang, they born to lead… you get now?”

“He’s not strong enough to lead the sept on his own” Duncan understood, “but he plans to lead though her”

“Aye.. that what I bettin” Janis agreed, “Who know perhaps he good fer her.. he know about garou an about leadin, his dar leading a big sept on the mainland. An she is needin some strong support about now.. wit Ailith talkin of exhile, perhaps he not such a bad match”

“She thinks he loves he” he growled angrily, “She deserves to know”

“Aye… perhaps” Janis agreed. “but then fer saying, your dar knowed about leadin too… perhaps little prince not such a bad match neither”

“I dont know anything about leading ” he huffed.

“I is not so sure” Janis declared, “Lars not so sure neither… Tristen get few seasons on you, perhaps you catch up perhaps you dont, but I as fer watching ter find out”

“Everyone things your stupid you know?”

“I am metis” Janis replied.

“I don’t” he decided, “I think you watch, people talk around you… they dont even recognize your there, but I think you know alot about what goes on”

Janis nodded with a wry smile, “Now… me time to go, have woman of me own to bed”

“I didn’t think metis had mates?”

“We dont” he smiled, “Not so honourable, but not all women fer making cubs… an metis good fer somethings”

Duncan nodded and couldn’t help but smile, most ignored the metis it was like he was invisable. Anyone else he would have thought the metis all talk, but from what little he knew of him he wasn’t the type to brag. So who exactly was he bedding? One of the Garou that was sure but which woman would dare face dishonour by bedding such as he and why did he accept it, when she would most likely go back to ignoring him in the morning.

One response to “Duncan is told what Tristen wants.

  1. Interesting. Very, very interesting. I wonder who Janis is sleeping with …

    And more importantly, I wonder if Duncan is the only one smart enough to talk to Janis, to use what he knows. Because anyone who got Janis into his/her corner would probably have an unseen advantage over the rest of the sept.

    … That could be one way for Duncan to get his way back into Alice’s affections, if that’s where he wants to go …

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