Holly Thanks Hannah

Hannah helped Holly sit while she plumped the cushions, behind her. These days Hannah was so much more than simply Eadric’s nanny, she was Holly’s ladies maid and companion all rolled in to one.  The young girl looked tired and a twang of guilt washed over her.  “You know I appreciate everything you do?” Holly whispered.

“I know you do” Hannah agreed, smiling kindly.

“We should pay you more” she reasoned, “Thank you for all your hard work”

“You don’t need to, I’m glad to do it”

Holly nodded, “I don’t suppose it matters much, you’ll come and live here soon… are you looking forward to it?”

Hannah shrugged and Holly knew that the young girl hated to talk about the future a time where Holly would be gone and Hannah would become the lady of the house. “Have you thought to which room you will take?” Holly pressed, “Will you take this.. or perhaps one at the top of the stairs next to Eaddies room?”

“Please don’t do this to yourself” Hannah smiled, “Let’s not think on it”

“We have to think on it” Holly argued gently, she had thought that knowing Eadric and Valdermar would have someone to take care of them would make her feel better, but instead of the knowledge offering her comfort she had instead found herself increasingly agitated.

Every time she saw Hannah and Val together she couldn’t help but wonder if they had already started to make a life together. Each time she smiled at him she wondered if it was because of some small sweetness he’d whispered to her.  Oh she knew she was being silly… but she couldn’t help it…

She was just starting to get upset, when she heard a noise in the kitchen. “Is that Gaelen?” she asked recognising the voice.

“Oh…. I …don’t know”

“It sounds like Gaelen” Holly countered, “Didn’t we speak on this?”

“Yes.. I know… but he’s only walking me home”

“But it’s not fair to him Hannah, its not fair to either of you”

“It’s aright, really it is”

“Have you even told him?” she asked.

“I…. maybe… I tried” the young girl fumbled.

“Oh Hannah you really need to tell him, the sooner the better”

“I know… but I just don’t seem to know how?”

“Would you like me to speak with him?” Holly offered, “I could explain how difficult it is for you?”

“Oh no… I will tell him”

“Good, make sure that you do… This is the best thing Hannah really it is, your father would want a man that can take care of you. Val can do that better than Gaelen don’t you think?”

“Yes I suppose” the young girl nodded, the argument hard to deny no matter how much the young girl might want it.

Holly knew this was difficult for her, she understood what is was to be young and think you where in love. Clinging on to every day, knowing each one took you a step closer to being parted. Her thoughts drifting back to her final days in university with Thomas, each day was both blisful and painful, because each time she fell asleep it was one less day she got to spend with him.

“Can you tell Val, I want to see him?” she asked suddenly changing the subject. She didn’t want to sleep alone tonight, she knew her husband would huff and puff, bluster about not wanting to hurt her in his sleep, but tonight she wanted him next to her. Who knew how many nights they would have together and she wanted at least one more.


One response to “Holly Thanks Hannah

  1. Oh, Holly. At least she’s got sort of the right idea, enjoying what time she has with her husband. But I wish she would stop asking Hannah about what it’s going to be like after she’s gone, and I wish she would stop dwelling on it. It’s only going to make her unhappy … especially since Hannah and Val have no intention of getting married. I hope.

    And I wish Gaelen knew how much trouble his sisters were in, because they really need an ally now … maybe he could get in touch with Clara … or, more likely, he’d just get them all in more trouble, so it’s probably good he doesn’t know. Yet.

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