Helena is defeated

It was the next morning before Helena was finally dragged kicking and screaming towards him. “You left them!” she hissed venomously glowering to where Gabriel sat next to his wife.


Maegan as always was silent, her eye’s turned downward the young woman made no attempts to meet her gaze. Still she looked better than the last time Helena had seen her, last time Helena had been sure the young girl was done for.

“They where just babies and you left them” Helena sobbed, her conviction no worst for wear. She knew what the men had done to Gayle and she now knew that two of her babies where out in the world with no-one to care for them. Gayle may if they hadn’t broken her completely, seek out her grandmother but their visits to Graymont over the years had been scarce and she wasn’t even sure the girls would know where to go.

“Three less mouths to feed” Gabriel sneered, unimpressed by her sorrow.

“Gayle trusted you!” she spat “You took everything from her!”

“She learned an important lesson” Gabriel reasoned, “And now you have too…. don’t run from me Helena, im not the boy you once knew”

“Clearly” she hissed, “The boy I once knew would never have hurt someone like this”

“Because he was weak!” Gabriel agreed.

“Because he had some compassion, because he cared about something other than himself” she retorted looking towards Maegan who seemed to flinch with every syllable.

“I care!” he snapped, “That is why I have bought you back here, I needed to make sure you and the baby where safe”

“The baby!” she scoffed, “You’ll never see this baby born. If it is even a baby and not some evil twisted thing like its father!”

“Enough!” he roared. “I would think you’d be grateful, I took you off the streets.. fed you clothed you and you repay me by running”

Helena slumped this was not an argument she could win, the whole world seemed to close in on her and as she stood dazed, she could hear him droning on in the background but she could no long make out the words. It didn’t matter nothing he had to say mattered anymore, Amanda was dead, Edith and Gayle where God knows where, with God knows who and there was nothing she could do about it.


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