Ailana finds an ally

Ailana wandered around the upstairs of the house, truthfully she felt at a loose end. The house was buzzing with activity the incident in the girls room had sent everyone into a frenzy.

Heading past the babies room she heard a sorrowful wail, the source of while was clearly the youngest Vaux. Pushing the door open she could see the little girl struggling in her cot. It seemed her doll had fallen to the floor and while she made every effort to reach it her little fingers could not quite grasp it.

Pausing Ailana watched momentarily, before peering around the room looking for the little girls nanny, realizing she was alone she took a tentative into the room. Noticing the little girl stopped crying and pointed at her doll clearly expressing what she wanted.

Ailana looked around again, she didnt know why but she felt as though she was intruding, the little girl didnt seem to care but she wasnt sure how Orrick would react to her presence.

Matilda let out another cry reminding Ailana that her presence was requested, “Did you drop this?” she asked nervously, she had never really been around many babies, she had always been the Hamduns youngest and with Gabriels troubles there had never been any to replace her.

Scooping up the doll she handed it to the little girl who gave her a wide grin, she couldnt help but smile back.

Turning back to the door she started to leave, she had not made it three steps when Matilda let out another wail.

Turning she found the little girl yet again sitting in her crib, her doll lying on the floor.

“Oh you silly girl” she smiled, heading over once again, picking up the doll. Handing it back to her.

Matilda gratefully took the doll but no sooner had Ailana returned it, than it flew past her and back onto the floor. This time however there was no doubting that it had been thrown there on purpose.

Still despite that she picked it up again, “You just want attention” she smiled, taking it back to her. This time however the little girl did not reach to take the doll back, instead her tiny fingers grabbed upwards in a clear expression, the little girl wanted to be held. “Oh I dont think that is a good idea” she whispered, “Your father might be mad at me”

She wasnt sure if the little girl understood, she had no idea what age children understood the words spoken to her.  If her little girl understood she didn’t show it, she let out a frustrated wail bouncing in the cot reaching out towards her.

“She likes you” a voice noted.

Turning she found Orrick standing in the doorway, she hadnt really seen him since the previous day, during the ride home. His words still burning, an embarrassing glow on her cheeks. “I didnt touch her” she appologised quickly, concerned he would think her intruding on his family.

“Ailana, is all right” he smile “I dare say she needs more attention that her grumpy papa”

“She has Raeanne”

“She does” he agreed, “but Raeanne has her hands full, Matilda deserves some attention… a womans love”


“Nicole would want someone to take care of her” he insisted sadly, “Ailana, about yesterday im sorry if I embarrassed you”

“It alright” she nodded, understanding enough to know he found the words difficult to say.

“I admit, I am finding this more difficult than I thought I might. You where a practical decision, for Matilda for the estate.. re-marriage was the sensible option, however I fear im finding the practicality of it difficult.

“You want me to leave?” she asked fearfully.

“No no… I just want you to forgive my boreish behaviour when I act like a scoundrel” he smiled.

“I can do that” she nodded.

“Good” he agreed, “Now…  I will leave you with Matilda… she can better verse you in Vaux behaviour than her father im sure”


One response to “Ailana finds an ally

  1. Yes, Ailana, bond with the baby! (Who is SUCH a Vaux, by the way! A charmer from Day 1!) She needs somebody to love her, and you need somebody to love. See? Match made in heaven!

    And I’m glad Orrick is being so sensible (and has the grace to apologize for what he said). Hopefully, once Ailana and Orrick both settle into this match, things will be less awkward for everybody.

    And hopefully they’ll all last more than seven days …

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