Me – No – Like

“Fynn where are you?” Abagael called slightly exasperated, heading into the hallway to find the toddler yet again making the arduous journey up the mountain known to most as the staircase.

“He-a-am!” the little boy squeeled. Standing up shakily on his feet to reach out towards her.
Rushing to his side she managed to scoop him up before he fell. “Adam I though I told you to block the stairs with the table” she growled back towards the lounge where her eldest son was already eating.

“Sorry mother”

“Don’t you sorry me” she snapped, heading into the room to meet him.”Just block the stairs.. if Fynn falls he could break his neck”

“I said I was sorry” Adam grumbled.

“I always block the stairs, dont I?” Sawyer her youngest son grinned.

“Yes you do” she agreed” but you needn’t look so smug about it, you have plenty of flaws of yor own”

“Who has flaws?” Bran smile appearing at the doorway.

“Your sons” she sighed, “I found Fynn halfway up the stairs again”

“What have I told you about helping your mother?” Bran asked, heading to his seat at the table. Clipping his eldest across the top of the head as he passed.

“Aww da how did you know it was me?” Adam complained.

“Because its always you” his father chuckled. “Whats for tea?”

“She made a pie”. Rowen grinned, “With chicken and pea’s”

Abagael cringed and right on cue Fynn squeeled “me no like” at the top of his lungs

“Look what you’ve done” She scolded, as the little boy wrestled in her arms “You know we don’t use the ‘P’ word around him”

“Me – No – Like” the little boy squeeled for a second time, with emphasis on every word as he made sure his point was clear.

“Pass him to me” Bran offered, with out stretched arms. “You’ll eat your peas for Bran wont you?”

Abagael chuckled she didn’t fancy her husbands chances in a battle of will’s against the 18 month old, but her poor feet had taken all they could for one day so gratefully handing him over she returned to the kitchen.

A few minutes later she finally sat down with all the meals served, rubbing her belly as the baby kicked.

“My son kicking hell out of you again?” Bran smiled.

“Why are you so sure it will be a boy?” she smiled, “It could be a girl”

“I dont make girls if this rabble are anything to judge by” he grinned, “besides no girl would dare beat her mother so, it has to be a yet another ruffian”

“I aint a ruffian” Sawyer declared, “I’m going to be a Knight, and save dragons and kill damsels!

“You mean kill dragons and save Damsels!” Adam corrected with an unamused sigh.

“No… save dragons and kill damsels”Sawyer insisted, “Who wants to save stupid girls?”

“Hey did you see that stupid Skye girl in the village again today?” Rowen asked.

“Yeh I hit her right on the nose…” Sawyer grinned momentarily before seeing the sudden look of horror on his parents face. “She deserved it!” he added quickly as though it would make a jot of difference.

“Sawyer!” Abagael snapped, “What have I told you about hitting girls?”

“Its alright, she hit me back!” he tried to protest.

“That is entirely not the point!” Abagael insisted. “Gentleman dont hit girls”

“Mother its ok honest!” Rowen protested “She aint really like a girl”

“Well either shes a girl or she isnt?”

“I suppose she’s a girl” Rowen sighed defeated, “but she dont fight like one”

“I dont care what she fights like” she snapped, “Now both of you get upstairs to bed”

“Aww but mother, we haven’t had our dinner yet”

“Well you should have thought of that before you started hitting girls.”


“You heard your mother ” bran reasoned, “Perhaps next time you think about hitting a girl You’ll remember what a hungry belly feels like”

“Its not fair” Sawyer protested, while standing grumpily to his feet. “You dont even know what she did to deserve it”

Fuming Abagael watch her sons leave, dragging there feet as they went.

“On the up side they know how to pick their fights” Adam chuckled.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Skye is Orricks grand daughter” Bran reasoned, with a amused sort of smile.

“She’s just started in my class at school” Adam agreed.

“Oh heavens no!” she exclaimed, “Orricks going to be fuming”

“I wouldn’t worry too much” Bran smiled, “Skye gets herself into enough trouble”

“Can you take them to work tomorrow? Get them to apologize?” she begged.

“I’m not sure not is the right time” Bran reasoned, “There are some problems up at the house”

“What sort of trouble?”

“The sort you dont discuss at dinner” Bran reasoned.

“Speaking of dinner, you might want to try and save yours” she chuckled suddenly noticing Fynn taking great handfuls off Brans plate and throwing them on the floor.

“Aw Fynn, What are you doing?” Bran declared in horror.

“Me – No – Like!” the little boy grinned.


One response to “Me – No – Like

  1. “No… save dragons and kill damsels”Sawyer insisted, “Who wants to save stupid girls?”

    When Chris gets back, if he needs a squire, I nominate Sawyer. ;) Also, Finian!! What an adorable kid! Although I can see why Abagael’s had it up to here with him. And she with a baby on the way, too.

    I hope it is a girl — Abagael needs an ally! (Also, isn’t it amazing to think of all the kids those two have, thinking of how they started out?)

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