Anya reads the words

Anya pushed the door open to the girls bedroom. Vincent had always told her to follow her gut, he said it was the single most powerful instinct humans had. She didn’t know why but something on this occasion told her all was not as it seemed.

Across the room she could see the blood scrawled words but what his her most powerfully was the smell.

Neither Raeanne nor her father had mention anything about a smell at yet the moment she had pushed the door open the stench had hit her most powerfully, it was a acrid like rotten meat.

For a moment, she was confused at why she could smell it but her father and sister could, perhaps she had been around too much blood of late, perhaps she had simply gotten used to the smell?Instinctively knew that the smell of this was wrong.

Then she remembered something Vincent had done before he left, it was on his last day with her … he’d seemed nervous and agitated, but finally he had admitted that he feared leaving him for more reason’s than simply missing her.  New kindred would take control of Grimstead, he didn’t know much about the new capadician, his influence or his intentions. She was his greatest possession and he feared the new capadician may try and take control of her… steal her from him in a way.

She had swore to him that she would not betray him but his mind had not been settled by mear words and that was when he’d suggested it … a bond of blood, an unbreakable seal between him and her. I tied that would forever keep them together, it had seemed such a simple thing. A drop or two of his blood on three concurrent nights and forever they would be one.

Truly she hadn’t really understood it, but it had seemed to settle her husbands mind, she understood enough to know that it would protect her and her mind from the dangerous influence of other kindred, that it would draw them closer and it would alert him to any danger see may face.

However the thing that stuck in her mind now was he’d warned her that for a time she may find her scenes heightened, her strength and vitality enhanced.

Was that what this was? Did she have a deeper connection with blood? It made sense she supposed considering her husbands nature. He was by his own admission a creature of blood, he was it and it was her … the blood he said fuelled him and sometimes bade to control him.

Taking a few tentative steps forward, she breathed in the smell… it was rancid … blood Vincent has once explained did not last long outside the body. It could be bottled and if kept chilled it would last a few days but beyond that it would quickly spoil.

This did not smell simply spoiled… nor did it smell like Kindred blood which was sweet, by odour and by taste.  This was a nasty sort of smell. The kind that prickled the back of your nose and burned the back of your throat.

This she decided was not normal blood.


One response to “Anya reads the words

  1. Not normal blood? Oh dear … so then it’s probably not Gabriel, or at any rate, not just Gabriel. Gabriel’s men, if this was then, would have probably just killed a pig or something and written the words with that.

    … Poor Vauxes, can’t catch a break, can they?

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