Writing on the wall

Raeanne was fuming, her father was an old fool that she had long time accepted but never before had she considered him a pig until now.

Storming into the hallway she hurriedly ran up the stairs looking for him, she knew Ailana had told her in confidence but the young girl had been so shaken, so upset by the ordeal that Raeanne could not simply allow him to get away with it.

“Ma” Skye squeeled into view, crashing and skidding around the banister of the top landing like a whirlwind.

“What is it?” she managed to asked managing to curb her anger long enough that she could directed at to its intended target.

“Someone drawn on my walls!” Sky explained, looking very flustered. Raeanne recognized the look, it was the one Skye often used when she didnt want to get into trouble but thought she might. 

“By someone, do you mean you?”

“No it wasn’t me, I promise” the little girl protested.

“I sware if you have your going to be in such trouble young lady!”

“Awwww ma you always think im bad even when im not!”

Nodding she took her daughters hand and headed towards the room the youngster shared with her cousin. Opening the door she had half expected a scrawled house perhaps a warewolf or two but instead what she saw make her blood run cold.

“What does it say?” Skye asked and for once Raeanne was glad the youngster could not read. 

“Nothing” Raeanne replied, “Nothing important”

“It cant say nothin” Skye argued.

“It doesn’t say anything little girls should read” she snapped, dragging hold of Skye and pulling her from the room as though mearly looking at the words could hurt her. “Now I want you to go downstairs and get the steward, tell him to come up here right away”

“Awwww ma, not until you tell me what it says”

“Whats going on?” Raeanne heard her father ask, looking across the hall her father stood by the door of his study having been drawn by the noise. “I heard you call for the steward?”

“Gabriel has left us a message” She reasoned still shaking, “He wanted us to know he could get into the house”

“Ma wont tell me what it says” Skye complained “will you tell me?”

“No” her grandfather reasoned heading around the landing towards them.

“Skye go downstairs” Raeanne barked, so shaken she could scarcely contain her own emotion.  She watched as the old man peered into the room, his own face paling as he read the message.

“Is that?”

“I think so” she nodded, understanding the question. The red liquid used to write the words had not been paint.

“Account for all of the girls!” he instructed shakily, “and get me Ailana she can witness her brothers evil first hand.

“I think she understands his evil well enough” she reasoned “she shouldnt need to see this”

Orrick nodded seeming to accept it, “Then get Cole, I want to know how the hell one of Gabriel’s men got past the head of my guard and into my daughters room”

Taking one last look at the words Raeanne nodded.

“You’ve got 7 days. Make em’ worthwhile.”


One response to “Writing on the wall

  1. Oh NO!!!! Damn it! Orrick can’t die now, he just can’t! And what about his girls and his grandkids?

    *bites nails*

    … Wait a minute … how far around the bend has Emily gone?

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